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Aidan caught the hand-foot-mouth disease again (!!!) and this time round, it was much worse than the previous. Can't believe that he could actually catch it again within such a short period of time (less than 3 months). Though his fever was milder (juts below 40 degrees) the other ailments were more serious.His rashes on his buttocks were quite scary covered his entire bottom and they looked like pimples with whiteheads...The ulcers in his mouth were huge - adult sized and he had a couple that were those 2-in-1 type where two ulcers combined to be a mega one. He had one each in both sides of his mouth so u can imagine how painful it is for him. Doc said that his throat was inflamed with lotsa sores and if it wasn't treated fast enough, they could also turn into ulcers.

Poor guy couldn't eat even though he badly wanted to. Each time we tried feeding him he would nibble a li' and then moan and cry till he didn't have any desire to eat anymore. He'll cup his face with his hands and give us such a forlorn expression..while looking at his food sadly..He couldn't even drink his milk properly and neither did he want his pacifier. And during the nights, he'll wake up every 20 minutes or so and cry..We could only assume that he was in pain..but there was nothing we could do to alleviate it. So we cuddled & pacified him as much as we could. I had hardly had any sleep during the weekends because I took turns with Nenita to sleep with him. He continued to have such sleepless nights for 3 nights in a row (including yesterday). So far, he's woken a few times already *sigh*

We ain't sure where he got the virus from but we suspect that it could be at the ECP Macs playground again. The last time he had it, we also visited that place just a week before. This time round, we had brought him there on the public holiday that just passed. His started showing the symptoms on Friday night.Apparently, 2 of his classmates in his playgroup also caught the HFMD virus but they only had fever on Sunday so he could have been the one who had passed it to them...Feeling a li' bad becuz of this too..

Hoping the li' bugger will recover soon and start eating well. He has lost a bit of weight coz he hasn't been eating much the past 4 days..I'd applied for leave to stay home to play with him and I think he's glad that I'm around :) Bought him more wooden fruits to play with..

Aidan started to drool even more because of his ulcers..and we realised that he doesn't seem to close his mouth much a result, his drool will drip non-stop. So, a few days back, we started instructing him to purse his lips tightly..and he listened to us! Unfortunately, he merely closes his mouth but he refuses to swallow his saliva. So what he does is to keep the drool in his mouth till he couldn't hold them any longer and will simply open his mouth and all the saliva will flow out of his mouth..Really gross!! So now, we are trying our best to teach him to swallow at will..! Which is kinda hard.. I mean he knows how to swallow his food and all but he simply refuses to do so to his drool..i wonder why...

cheeky li' bugger...

closing his lips tightly..

U can actually see the saliva starting to spew out of his mouth here..
Just a few pics that was taken during the holiday break..
Picnic at Botanic Gardens :)

Family pic..

Feeding daddy..

At ECP...

Aidan enamoured by the bike bell..

He was kinda grouchy probably due to the heat..

Having his hair cut at Supercuts..
ze li' one's hair was getting long so we thought we'd better get it cut.
I should have requested to have his fringe kept longer tho..
He looks so tood now :P

Boy was stubborn..
simply refused to let us to wrap him with the towel..

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