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Time to Say Goodbye..

My good pals at SPHW..whom I spend most of my working and lunch hours with..I'm really gonna miss their company!
from left : Corrine, Jessmei, Cheryl, Ginger, me, Su Ming

It was a night of laughter, and one of tears too. It was MediaWorks X'mas cum farewell dinner yesterday evening at Hilton Hotel.Some of you may have read it in the papers today about the 'event'. Many people took the opportunity to express how much they'd enjoyed the experience of working at Mediaworks,and most were thanking Mr Man Shu Shum for all that he's done for the company.They also acknowledged everyone in the company for all the effort put in..

It started pretty light-hearted with lotsa laughter and cheers but it was only after Mr Man gave a speech followed by a videoclip which showcased the history Mediaworks that ended with a shot of Mr Man offering a toast that many started tearing...Some of my colleagues were inconsolable especially since they've been with the company since its inception and it was really not easy to say goodbye..

Some pics of the night..

With Corrine & Ginger..
We'll all be going separate ways. Corrine will be at MCTV, Ginger at SPH Magazines (Genting Lane) and I'll be at SPH (Toa Payoh)..

A toast to a good new year..

That's Agnes..the other manager in my division, i/c of Ch U

Lunch kakis plus Jacqueline..

Taking pics with the babes n dudes from the sales team..

Mr Man on the front, extreme left..taking a pic with a condensed version of the MBG (Media Business Group) team.

The MediaWorks artistes showing their support for Ch U :)

Okay..gotta bear with me..gonna seem like a narcissist here. But it's not often that we get the opportunity to cosy up and take pics with the artistes..which everyone was doing towards the end of the dinner..

With Ah Jie of Ch U, Kym..

A very slim Lina Ng..

with Apple Hong who's really pretty

the very casual Quan Yi Feng ..(still trying to figure out why there's those whitish stuff on the top right corner)

with Constance Song..

Eelyn Kok, who's better looking in person than on tv..

The bubbly Pam Oei..

Adam Chen who's had a bit of drink though he isn't tipsy nor drunk then..

With Adrian pang, Pam Oei and Ezann Lee..

Nope..he isn't an artiste. He's Foong, a trailer producer who always goes the distance and produces extra trailers for my shows just for the sake of added promotion..
Tons of pics of people u don't know

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