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boxing day..

Or rather, how the kids spent theirs :)

Always great to spend a day with good pals, great food & company and seeing the kids having so much fun.. :)

My X'mas pressies to them were individual photo albums with a pic collection of all 3 of our kids and ourselves from 2 years back till present..Was actually thinking of doing a photo collage for them but I didn't have much time to do so. Will probably find one day to do it. I truly hope that we'll continue to stay close & have such gatherings while our kids grow up together :)

Still feeling crummy and vomitted at work twice today so colleagues drove me to the clinic and forced me to see a doctor [no, im not preggy]. As I'd suspected, I'm down with the gastric flu..urghs! I hate gastric flu! And I detest those meds i gotta take *bleah*.. But on the plus side, instead of gaining weight during this festive season, I'd actually lost 2kg and it was the first time i saw the dial go below 50kg. Its not like I haven't been eating..I have, but not as much as I usually do and what went in usually came out anyway. I know it's probably water weight but it makes feeling ill not so bad afterall.

Doc told me to take 2 days rest at home but I can't..Have to pack up all my barang barang in the office coz things need to be archived or shipped over to Mediacorp and starting from tomorrow, those going over to SPH needs to go through an intensive 5 days orientation *siong*. Gotta see whether I can tahan thru the day..if not, I'll probably wave the white flag (aka MC) and ask to leave by lunch time..

According to schedule, Irene moonberry should be back in Singapore tomorrow..hope she'll give me a call when she does!

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