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Yeah..I did mention before that I won't be bringing Aidan down to ECP since the last 2 times we went, he ended up with hfmd especially when he played at the playground next to Macs. But hubby was thinking that we couldn't really be that suay...and we really missed going there & so we brought him there again last weekend.

And man..damn murphy's law at work! He did fall ill after that! Not hfmd though *thankfully*..some viral infection. He got phlegmy cough which made him vomit for the last few days. At least he still has an appetite after that..

Okay, that's it. The next time we'll let him to set foot at ECP playground is when he turns 21! *giveup*

*sigh* I seem to be always ranting about Aidan falling ill! Wondering whether I'm doing something wrong here. It's not like he hasn't been taking his vitamins and those ghastly stuff that supposedly builds up his immune system..bleah!

Well, at least he did enjoy himself there
(though he looks kinda solemn in these pics)

I've caught the flu bug too [I think Aidan passed it to me] but I felt bad having to be on MC in my first month at my new job plus that my colleague was on leave too so I decided not to stay home to rest even though the doc had given me 2 days MC. My boss however saw that I was in quite a sorry state and commanded me to go home on Thursday! So I've got a longer weekend this week!

Work's been fine so far.. no complaints whatsoever! :)

Most of u guys have probably seen the latest mastercard ad where this cute caucasian was seen trying to impress his chinese gf's parents by learning the chinese culture and using the chopsticks..Its been playing ad nauseam on tv for the past week so I don't find it as endearing anymore..

But some of the spoofs of the classic mastercard 'priceless' campaign are really hilarious and worth repeat viewing! I think these 2 clips are truly priceless!

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