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Corrina emailed me some pics of Aidan which she'd captured from the school's webcam. She insisted that that li' girl on the right of Aidan was up to something *grin* ..What do u think? Aidan is obviously the boy on the top wearing the bib :P

Heh..Corrina said that the li' girl looks as if she's trying to get Aidan's attention but the li' bugger was more interested in what's on tv. Hmmmm....

Heh..Chinese New Year was an ego-boost for me too. Many commented that I'd slimmed down a lot compared to the year before. I have lost weight I realised..Am now abt 50kg which means I'd lost about 6kg since I started work last July. Am taking weekly boxercise classes which is conducted at my office's gym and checking out out a Intro to Pilates workshop which I'm organising for TNP readers. Should be fun!

When I was working at Mediacorp about 3/4 years ago, I'd always gotten comments that I look quite like Tanya Chua, the local singer. I'd ever got mistaken for her before at the studio too. And just a few days ago, one of my colleagues mentioned during lunch that when she first saw me, she'd thought I looked like her too and the other colleagues agreed with her. Never really thought that we look that alike. I guess we have the same flat puggy nose :P

Well, she ain't that bad looking so I should consider it a compliment :P Now, if i could sing like her....

Man..isn't it obvious that the American Idol judges/producers' selection of the top 24 is based on looks?!!

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