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"Eyes, noses, mouth, ear"..That was what the talking dog in my dream seems to be telling me though I don't exactly remember much of the dream cept of the mutt. I was wondering why the heck the dog seems to be muttering these word over and over again and jabbing my face with his paws..

And then I woke up. And there he was, with bright twinkly eyes and a cheekly smile. His little head was lying on the pillow next to mine and he was pointing his right index finger at the corner of my eyes..going "Eyes", moved it down too my nose, mouth and then ear, and naming them accordingly..and repeated the action even though I was wide awake by then. I couldn't possibly continue to sleep with Aidan all bushy eyed and wanting to play. It was 8am on a Sat morning!

Actually, I should have known better coz I brought him over from his room to sleep with us on Fri nite as both hubby and I were quite busy for the whole of last week and got home late almost every night and couldn't spend much time with him. Had always missed him sleeping with us but it didn't occur to me that he would end up waking me soooo early! But it was still nice to wake up to his cute li' mug.

the different faces of aidan :)

He's more chatty now..:) He loves counting 1-10, saying the alphabets and singing/humming to himself..So far, I can never get tired of his voice. I guess it's coz he isnt at that stage where he's bugging me impossible questions and chatting non-stop.

Got this from this month's Reader's Digest..
We brought our newborn son Adam to the paediatrician for his first checkup. As he finished, the doctor told us "You have a cute baby."
Smilingly, I said, "I bet you say that to all new parents."
"No!" he replied,"just to those whose babies really are good-looking."
"So, what do you say to the others" I asked.
"He looks just like you."

Hmm, everyone says (yes, including his paediatrician) that Aidan looks like hubby...hehehe..

Not sure if anyone's following this year's Miss Singapore Universe pageant..There was an preview show last Sat where the finalists were revealed. Honestly, no one was outstanding and the main reason was because all the contestants paled in comparison to the host of the show,f Jaymee Ong (whether she's a good host or not is another story). she's really gorgeous!

This is quite interesting though it could be considered old news to some of you... Some dude 'supposedly' fell head over hills in love with this babe in the iTune Pepsi ad that was shown during the Superbowl break..and he created a blog especially for her..as he went about trying to find out more about this 'shimmery' creature.

Here's where you can find the iTune Pepsi : www.apple.com/itunes/pepsi/ads/ (can't seem to link this somehow)
Her name is Mandy Fujiko Amano (half Jap, half Irish) though she's now famous for being 'The Pepsi Girl' and some even called her the new 'Ellen Feiss'.

Apparently, she's got 'legit comic fan cred'. Her father is Jeff Amano, a writer-artist at Beckett Comics and her boyfriend is David Mack, creator, author and artist of Kabuki. She's even on the cover of one of the comics..

Well, she may be getting very popular soon.She reminds me a li' Jaymee Ong and Lee Ann d' Alexandry. The latter is a babe too.She's actually a former New Paper's New Face winner..I'll be doing this year's New Face event so it will be interesting to see what the quality of the contestants would be like..

Anyway..one gotta marvel at the power of blogs. It made Mandy more popular and received lotsa mention in the media and through it, Maxim was able to contact her and her interview and photo will be in it's May issue soon..No wonder some people think that this could be part of Pepsi's marketing - a corporate website in disguise as a fan blog..The creator of the blog did admit that he did it as a joke and made it really OTT just to get lotsa attention,which he sure did.

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Mar. 21st, 2005 06:14 am (UTC)
so adorable of Aidan to do that. Just imagine if you dreamt the dog slurping at your face.. LOL.

Jaymee's face is all over town and if she can host the show well, she should be nailing the Miss Universe award.
Most (if not all)of theMiss Universe candidates really should display some x-factor cos none has "it".
Mar. 21st, 2005 12:44 pm (UTC)
hehehe..erm, well..i ever woke up to him slurping on my face before..usually, that's how hubby gets him to wake me up (by kissing me hehe)

X-factor..*sigh*..tough to find that element in our pageants!

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