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I got to cuddle 2 little baby girls this week!

Girl #1 (on the left) is the newborne of Adele auntyadele and Joe joeaugustin..She's nameless for the moment as they haven't decided on a name yet. She has such cute li' dimples when she smiles and her lips are like Tasmin's (pouty and full) . You can see more pics of the new babe in adele's lj.

Girl #2 is Baby Trinity, Trishflipover's little girl. Trinity made her appearance early this morning at @2+am!. Visited her at the hospital during lunch since it was nearby my office. Li' Trinity is soooo petite & she weighs only 2.3kg! Was initially kinda scared to hold carry as she looked so tiny and fragile...

Trish with Trinity :)

With Adele and her no-name baby..

Aww..I love the smell of babies and yeah, it does make me yearn for another babe ..but after watching this video, it made me think twice :P
What Babies Do..
(takes some time to download as it is a rather big file)

Both Adele & Trish didn't put on much weight! Gotta be as disciplined as them if I do get preggy again. Last week, when I was briefing my designer on an ad design, the creative director walked by and asked whether I was pregnant! I thought he was joking and said "yes lah!"..and then I realised that he was serious when he congratulated me sincerely. Alamak! Wanted to smack him silly but I rened!My flabby tummy lah..been drinking coke regularly again which inevitably led to my expanding waistline *weep*..Must start dieting and exercising again! Grrrrrrrr....
Some pics which was taken during the weekend that passed..
@Botanic Gardens

The boy seemed to have gotten a phobia of big dogs after he got licked all over by huge dog a while back..He didn't cry/whimper when it happened..he just stood there in a daze. Now, whenever he sees any big dogs, he'll keep a distance and go woof woof at the dog.

Hiding behind li' Chloe..

Group pic :)

Li' bugger has gotten quite tanned as we have been bringing him swimming quite regularly.

Here's a videoclip of Aidan swimming :) Quite blur tho..

Was invited to a dinner function at the Singapore Turf Club sometime last week. I had never been there so I decided to accept the invitation. Before this, the only other time I'd seen horse-racing was in Vancouver at a dimsum restaurant. They had a 'live' feed of a horse-racing event from Hong Kong and we were surrounded by punters, screaming the number of the horses and there were loud cheers and jeers at the end of each race. It was quite an experience though I never wanted to go back to that restaurant again. Thought it would be interesting to see a real 'live' race..To my disappointment, we could only view the races from the Orchid Box which was like a VIP area and not at the terrace, which was much nearer to the tracks.

We were given a crash course by our host on how to bet on horse-racing and I learnt what a straight bet, place, show, forecast meant. I ended up betting a little - just 2 races and lost $30. Our host had given us 'tips' on which horses to bet on. Well, there's no such thing as a sure bet and the 'dark horses' ended up winning. bleah~ No more horse-racing for me!

Decided to leave early as I had friends coming over to my place later in the evening. While waiting at the taxi stand queue, there was a lady behind me, who seemed quite aggitated. She kept looking at her watch and tapping her feet, while looking out for cabs (there were hardly any since we were in the boondocks). After a while, a cab came and seeing that she seemed to be in a hurry, I asked whether she wanted a lift outside where she would have a better chance to grab a cab. She accepted my offer and hopped into the cab. While in the cab, she told me that she needed to fetch her kids from somehere in Woodlands. She'd been at the races and didn't realised how late it was. Told her that I'll drop her exactly where her kids was since it was a Fri night. It was only after I dropped her off that I'd realised that we were at a school..and her kids were still in school-uniform standing forlornly outside the school-gates. They looked between 8-12 years old..

As most of you know, I'm not against gambling (though I'm not a hardcore gambler). I love mahjong and have no qualms abt visiting casinos..But I do acknowledge that having casinos in Singapore would probably lead to more social problems with pple getting addicted to gambling & falling into debt. Back in my uni-days, I've seen friends gambling away their school fees on the blackjack table.

Somehow, I don't think it was the first time that the lady in my cab had forgotten abt her kids due to her being at the races though I could be wrong. And it is quite worrying to see something like this happening.

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