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Was on leave yesterday..Ahbang had also taken leave but his company informed him last minute that he had to attend an urgent meeting at 11am..^%$^*, we decided to work around it. We planned to pick up Aidan at his school after hub has finished with his meeting and go for a nice dimsum luncheon but it was foiled when his company called in the morning saying that the meeting time has been changed to 1pm instead....^&(()^%$#%^*(&@....

Oh well, guess it wasn't meant to be. Picked Aidan up from school and wanted to bring him to this cafe called Grapevine on Upper Serangoon Road...I wasn't sure whether they opened in the afternoon but I wanted to give it a try..So we walked from his school to the cafe and bummer, it was closed. The sun was sweltering hot and I tried in vain to hail a cab...decided then to walk to the nearest coffeeshop which was across the road via an overhead bridge and just abt another 100 metres more. I gotta be thankful that Aidan didn't mind walking and wasn't insisting that I carry him or I would have died. This aunty here is really unfit siah! I was carrying his [heavy] school bag and I had my pouch with my wallet, camera + handphone and I don't think I would have managed carrying him up & down the overhead bridge..

Decided to have duck rice for lunch and since Aidan had his meal at school already , I got him fruits. I didn't finish my rice as I was watching my carbs intake. As I was checking an incoming sms on my mobile, Aidan with a piece of watermelon in his left hand, reached out for the unfinished plate of rice with his right hand and pushed it towards him and started helping himself to it. I stared at him in amazement and quickly whipped out my trusty camera to capture him in action. He'd actually cleaned up the plate!!

Gosh, the school's probably not feeding him enough.... that or he has a bottomless pit!

check out the watermelon still in his other hand...

That's his new uniform. They now have polo tops and matching caps :)

Not sure whether I've mentioned this before...My sis-in-law Jennifer is pregnant! She's abt 3 months now. Everyone @my side of the family is over the moon especially my Dad. Dad is old-fashioned in the way that his opinion is that his daughter's child will 'belong' to the in-laws, no matter what and the responsibilities from the husband & his family side is greater. My bro, Stephen being his son, his offspring will carry the family name of Tay and he, as the grandfather will have a 'grandchild' to call his own..

It's not that Dad doesn't love and dote on Aidan..but I guess the feelings' a li' different when you consider your daughter 'belonging' to another family after you've gotten married. Quite a traditional viewpoint I must say.. But I'm really fine with it. Stephen & Jen will make fantastic parents and I'm truly happy for them. The babe's gonna arrive sometime Oct!! Can't wait! (why does it eem like everyone ard me is breeding)

That's the mom-to-be, Jennifer!
yeah, not a good pic of Aidan but his eyes kept on closing due to the flash

Here's a better pic of him with us - taken today :)

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