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Mongmeganmacy was back in Singapore for a short week and we weren't able to meet earlier as Macy fell ill on the day we were supposed to have dinner together. So, we could only catch up at the airport today. She flew back to Hong Kong just a few hours ago...

When Aidan saw Macy at Burger King, he ran up to her and called her name! He'd actually still recognised her and it seemed like she remembered him too. They were so adorable playing & eating together!

As usual, lotsa pics taken! Check out Macy's cute expressions!

Byebye! See you again soon!
We'll try to visit you in HK!

There are so many stuff I wanna write about but am just too lazy :P..Well, here's some pics taken on Saturday.

Oh, Jennifer's gonna have a BOY!

She was hoping for a girl actually. So was I. I've always wanted a reason to buy those tiny frilly frocks! Her gynae had said that there was a 60% chance that it was a girl during her earlier visit and she and her mom had actually started buying tons of li' girl clothings.I'd cautioned her that during my 4th month of pregnancy, my gynae had also told me that there was a 60% possibility that my child was a girl and you know how that turned out. And true enough (yah, suay mouth i have lah), at her most recent visit, her gynae confirmed that it was a boy.They were treated to a full frontal view of her li' boy during the ultrasound scan so there was no doubt abt the gender :P My dad will be really happy though. He's gonna have a li' Tay to carry on the surname..

Since lj doesn't support javascript, I can't really track my readers though I do get quite a decent no. of hits per day (abt 1000-1800).If you've been reading my journal, do leave a comment if you've never done so before so that I'll know who u are :D~ (not a must tho :P)..

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