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2 Sleeping Beauties

Aidan had started sleeping through the night about 3 days back..the first time he did it..I was concerned. His last feed was at 7:30pm..he'd finally slept at about 10pm and managed to sleep till 6:30am. At 6am, I woke up abruptly and thought to myself.."eh? Baby hasn't awoken & fed yet"..Rushed to the cot and checked. Aidan was sleeping peacefully :) I think I have to learn to not be overly concerned about him..being a first-time mom, I tend to worry alot.. But I guess sometimes, it's better to be safe~

Yeah...of all days Aidan chose not to sleep through the night, it must be during the weekends, when daddy's on shift duty :)...He awoke at 1am, 4am and 8am..Brought him into our bed at 8am and Aidan fell asleep promptly after just a little breastfeeding.

At least they r in bed this time round :)
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