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it doesn't pours...

Crappy day I had...anything that could have gone wrong did!

Had a call from the event company telling me that the car display application to LTA was rejected. The car is to be displayed during a press conference to be held next week and there's supposed to be a ribbon cutting ceremony next to the car display..&^%$)#

Then, got an urgent email from the production company that was bringing in the Kylie concert..Her Asian Tour had to be cancelled. Callous of me i know but all I could think abt was that all my hard work had gone to waste and I didn't even cared much abt the news of her illness..*argh*

Later, my boss told me that the carpark labels that was printed and was supposed to be given to sponsors of the Big Walk had to be redone due to a printing error and I had to recall all the passes which I'd passed to the account servicing pple the day before...

Then, that evening, I'd rushed to finish my work so that I could attend the movie preview of Monster-in-Law. Was late for about 5 minutes and the entire theatre was full and there wasn't enough seats for all the invitees..The movie distributor had invited more pple than they should thinking that there would be attrition due to the opening of Star Wars Ep 3. Hubby was super-pissed 'coz he'd rushed from his office too. Ended up having to eat the hotdogs that hubby bought, in the car...and yeah, murphy dripped mustard and chilli sauce on my pants ...

Came back home and was told that Aidan seems to be having a bad cough..he hasn't been sick for a while already..probably due to the cranky weather I guess..praying that his cough doesn't get much worse tomorrow...what a way to end the day.

Hoping tomorrow will be a better day..

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