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TNP Big Walk Day..

It was a long weekend for most folks but not for moi. Had to drag my sore sorry ass to the National Stadium at 5.30am in the morning in preparation for the The New Paper Big Walk! Didn't help that hubby actually went to sleep at 4.30am after v‏irtually conquering Rome. He prodded me awake and promptly plonked himself on the bed and started snoring the minute his head hit the pillow...*sigh* the life of a gaming widow...

Thankfully, the weather was fine. Was worried for a while when it rained cats & dogs the day before. The event went really well although the attendance was affected..Not surprisingly since it was Vesak Day and a religious occasion for many. My main duty was up on stage, helping out with the prizes and attending to the sponsors..Took the opportunity to take some pictures too.

There was a group from Falun Gong who was prevented by the police from walking because of the tee-shirts they were wearing. They made a big fuss about it initially as they felt they were discriminated against. The message on the tee-shirt, they claimed, was one of peace.

Here's what it says..I'm not really sure what it means actually :P
Anyone can translate?
In the end, they compromised and changed into the Motorola Big Walk tees...don't think they were too happy about it

That's the cute Motorola mascot - Trexi..this li' boy was so cute..He went up to Trexi and gave him a big hug :)

our turn to hug him :)
poor bugger in the costume must be so bleddy hot..

Lotsa pple/group/companies came wearing costumes..
erm..not a very innovative ensemble by the Esplanade team..

That's Geoffy, one of Toys R'Us mascot prancing ard with the dancing girls from Crestar..

Some bugs from the Rentokill group..
the outfit seems a li' too tight for him esp at the crotch area..

And yeah, Batman & Spiderman were there too.

Amanda Ling from local band, Electrico..
She's the keyboardist of the band yet she seems to be the face of the group and her mug and bod is featured in so many mags, from the cover of Cleo to Maxims.. Not surprising coz she's really chio!

with my colleague, Grace who was helping up on stage with me...

the group of us looking really tired, having lunch after the event was over..
More pictures of the walkday here

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