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Only for Eye For A Guy 2 Fans!

Received these pics from a colleague. Apparently, this set of photos was emailed by someone who claimed to have seen the both of them on some island just last week (Bali I think)..The photos started being circulated on the internet late last night.

Well, if these are true (that it was taken just last week), it would mean that Howard lost *boohoo* and that the 2 of them broke the 'contractual' agreement of the show where they were supposed to keep their romance (if any) a secret till the finale of the show. And men all around would be starting to buy $8,000 cartier pendants for their potential girlfriends soon!

But we've been wondering too whether these pictures were planted by the tv station too, in a bid to boost ratings. Not a far-fetched idea since it worked for American Idol (yeah, kinda obvious that the news of Bo's and Scott's previous encounters with the law were leaked deliberately). We could be wrong though. It may all be much ado about nothing if these pics actually came from the finale ep of the show :P

Idiot ikepod..first thing that came to his mind when he saw this pic was "aiyoh, denise so flat!"
Erm..i don't mind being flat but gorgeous hor!

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