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back to usual programming....

Realised I haven't taken posted a narcissistic pic of moi together with Aidan for a while :) I like the above pic in spite of all those whirly lights on top of our heads coz Aidan is smiling so sweetly here.

erm.. his usual snarl...!

Chloe turns 3! time flies.
All our kids are growing at such a fast pace *sigh*.
Too fast..too soon.


The High5 concert was last week but I didn't have the time to post these pics till now..The kids were delighted of coz to be able to see their 'idols' in person finally. Aidan kept squealing "high5 high5 and was bouncing off the wall non-stop!

We were all suckered into buying expensive High5 merchandise. What to do when practically every other kid was holding a high5 fan,wearing high5 caps, stickers and balloon..u just gotta buy one for your kid or risk having a mini-rebellion (we had 3 kids to deal with that day). So we paid up 25 freaking bucks each for a fan and a balloon..*kaching* But what's most important was that the kids enjoyed the show..and they sure did..dancing in the aisle, with their enraptured expressions, totally mesmerized by the singing/prancing group..

Couldn't help noticing how much the High5! crew has aged. One of the guys had this mega receding hairline and his paunch was kinda obvious..especially when he was wearing those tight lycra outfits (eeyucks). There's this gal who has grown quite a bit vertically which basically reminded me that the High5! VCDs I have at home are probably quite old since everyone's looking young and svelte there.

Oh well, fat or old..they are laughing all the way to the bank (the 6th top earner (entertainment line) in Australia I read), thanks to parents like us *sigh*

their out-of-this-world outfits!

the kids just couldn't wait to get to the concert hall..

Is it starting yet??

High5 worshippers!

check out his glazed expression!


Just a few days ago, a colleague of mine asked whether my ahbang was an angmo. I told her he's a chinese..and that I've always preferred chinese men. She gave me this surprised look and I asked her why..

"Coz you got this SPG look..!"

!!! Erm..I do?!! What is a SPG look anyway? Long straight brownish hair? Tanned? (I'm not tanned!)..Don't know whether I should be insulted or not..hmm...

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