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all work and no play makes..

Heh..just some pic of Aidan at a birthday party :)

That's Freya..the birthday girl :)

Freya is Ginger's niece..

Work, work..and more work..
Am exhausted! Late nites at the office and several Saturdays burnt in a row.. What to comes first. I consoled myself by saying that it's better to be busy than bored. On a more positive note, at least most of my projects are interesting ones. The New Paper New Face audition was held on Saturday@Onyx at One Fullerton and that was probably one of the worst time to hold an event there. Never do my homework properly lah! Only knew abt the NDP rehearsal the day before the event.

Auditions went okay though. Was the first time we had the event at that venue so we were gabra for a while and it didn't help that construction was still going on at the 2nd floor. Thankfully, most of the girls called turned up. Some actually came as early as 8am even though registration was supposed to be at 8.30am. And it was raining cats and dogs too. Was interesting to see how they looked in person as compared to the pics. Gotta admit that we were disappointed by several of them but since I photoshop my photos, I don't think I should be that critical :P

Interestingly, there were several cheekopeks tourists and locals (all guys) standing outside Lash taking pictures of the gals..They (mysteriously) reappeared when the finalists were having their pictures taken..'s the top 25 girls that got shortlisted. Only 20 will appear in the centrespreads so 5 of these girls won't be very happy....

Before you start commenting abt their outfits..these are from our sponsor - Hang Ten..

The tallest is the girl on the top row, 2nd from right. She's 1.77m!
I'm gonna be their mamasun for the next few weeks till the finale on the 7 Oct :)


After perusing thru abt 1500 entries and pictures of young ladies [blur already], I badly needed a break and that came in the form of another promotion I was doing with L'Oreal..It was a 'hunt for the L'oreal Feria Man' contest..So this time round, I had to look at pics of guys instead of gals! *whew*

Some of the guys were actually not too badlooking (imo) although many of them were young enough to be my kid *awk*..We had to shortlist the guys (the L'oreal folks had the final say) based on the pictures and unfortunately, we kena bluffed by some of them. Here's a group pic of the guys...what do u think?

More pics here


And finally, something I truly enjoyed pursuing..getting TNP to be the official newspaper for Dim Sum Dollies! Enjoyed last year's show so much that I persuaded my boss to consider having our paper be one of the sponsors even though TV was involved already. Understand that they will be opening up more shows so there will be more tickets on sale soon (many of the shows are sold out already). Met with Kheng Hua, Selena and Ivan Heng to discuss the partnership and it was obvious how passionate they are of Dim Sum Dollies. Had a fun time dissing the PCK musical with them too. Poor Kheng Hua..she hated doing PCK and was bitching so much abt what they had to endure throughout the stage production. She even said that she didn't mind telling anyone from the press abt her horrific experience.

Anyway, if you haven't got your tickets yet, there's still chance to get good seats when the new show dates are confirmed. Gonna have a photo session with the Dim Sum bunch tomorrow so hopefully, I'll be able to take some pics of/with them..valska, if you happen to be reading, I was trying to get hold of you this afternoon regarding this..

My job does sound like it's really fun but it can quite tiring too. I probably will enjoy it more if I am like 10 years younger..really feeling my age..both mentally and physically *sigh*.

Wanted to check out the blogcon on Saturday. Unfortunately, the audition ended late at 6pm. So, I'd arranged to meet hubby who had brought Aidan with him at Esplanade. The problem was..the road from One Fullerton to Esplanade was blocked. #@$&()^$# Can't believe near yet so far! ! By the time I managed to walk to Esplanade via the Boat Quay route, I almost died. Then I took a salah route which ended with another road block and I had to back track and then limped to Esplanade via Citilink. I'd actually walked for about 45 mins. Was wearing heels somemore *ouch*.. Hub and Aidan were having dinner at Thai Express and by the time I reached them, the planes and helicopters were flying by and making such a din. Poor Aidan got scared. He started to whimper and tried to cover his ears with his hands but I guess coz his palms were too small, it didn't help much. So he grabbed my hands and placed them over his ears and clung on to me. He was actually shivering with fear..alamak. Brought him away from the noise and realised that I'd walked to DXO..was tempted to go in but it was so late by then..about 7+ pm and with a still trembling Aidan holding on to me tightly, I decided not to. Oh well, maybe next year i guess.

Poor bugger looking so scared..

Heh..i guess everyone probably got enough of NKF news but check this out..the 2nd part seems like some ad for KDF though..(from Spug)
NKF Infernal Affairs Part 1
NKF Infernal Affairs Part 2

Had to lock my previous post on NKF coz someone was apparently spamming parts of it on irc and some guy also cut n pasted a paragraph on sammyboy..The fella was nice enough not to give out my blog's url. Hubby was advising me to lock it up too since he said some of what I've written may be used against me since I was a former staff.. Oh well, I'd thought initially that it should be fine since everyone had their own 2 cents worth to write abt but just to be safe, i decided to listen to him.

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