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DimSumDollies :D~~

It's gonna be hilarious for sure..I remembered laughing till I almost peed in my pants at last year's show. My fave was the 'blue-bird' and parking pontianak segments! Must watch ah!! Go buy your tickets now!! (alamak..i sound like a tvc)

Heh..The L'oreal Feria Man ad/link is online already although I've specifically told them to 'activate' it tomorrow. It's not fully done up yet which explains why it looks so messy.

Here's the contest ad :)


Man..i should stop blogging abt work-related stuff. So boring right..Next entry had better be abt Aidan..although I haven't been taking pics of him coz he just had a disastrous haircut and looks quite goon now..(bleddy hairstylist cut his fringe too short :P)..

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