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boliao baton but i like~

I usually don't 'accept batons' but I couldn't resist doing this one :D...
So lancerlord, this entry is coz of u..

Total Number of Shoes you own:
Erm..I think it's abt 70+ pairs. I wasn't sure whether to include slippers so I didn't :P

Heh..I'm sure some of you probably remembered one of my very early post when I posted a pic of my shoe collection when I did spring cleaning. I was able to fit almost all of my shoes into one frame. Somehow,this time round,I simply couldn't. And I still didn't get every pair in coz I got quite tired of taking them out of my shoe cabinet/boxes..Alamak, methinks my smelly collection grew..

Mostly heels coz i'm so katik!

Total Number of Shoes Aidan has:
8 (including slippers/sandals). He got such tiny feet!!

The last shoe you bought:
Moi - sandals from Zara (in pic 1, 2nd row from top, most right)
Aidan - Brown ah-pek sandals. Actually, his grandpa bought it for him coz he got a similar pair :)

How many shoes do you have underneath your work desk
Aidan still unemployed..

Five people to whom I'm passing this baton:
Heh..okay lah. Gotta pass the baton but no obligation to do or take photo of shoe collection hor :P
meganmacy..alamak she's not in HK
burbur..also not in S'pore..
buzz_cut on leave tomorrow. Gonna have drumming lessons! Should be fun!

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