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Watched the Dim Sum Dollies again yesterday night..this time, with hubby and good pals, Corrina, Darren, Bibi & Trevor & ljers like burburLaine, uniclycommonNic and flipoverTrish.

Thought that it was cute that Nic could recognise my pals. She pointed out Bibi (who was loitering outside Thai Express) to me where we were having dinner, even though she had never met her before.. When Bibi was introduced to Nic and Trish, she commented ", these are your internet friends!?" Alamak I'd never thought of them as internet friends (sounds so irc) 'coz they are now my real-life friends what!

Chatted with her for a while after the show (actually, she needed a cig) and we learnt how much it cost to produce DSD (half a mil!) and some of the problems she'd faced along the way. Am glad that the show's quite successful and that she'll probably recoup her investment. Kudos to her for working so hard and getting in that many sponsors..

She'd thought hubby and I were newly weds..guess both of us were behaving like li' kids, insulting each other and all that's why..and she didn't believe I had a kid either..

Received several comments that I'd slimmed down alot.. which made me feel good (I'm so vain~).

It is strange. When I'd stopped trying to lose weight, the pounds just disappeared so easily. Most of you would know that I had such a tough time trying to shed my post-natal weight. In fact, I sold/given/thrown away many of my pre-preggy clothes which were mainly XS and S because I'd actually given up hope trying to get back to my original size.

I'd gained abt 20kg during my pregnancy (I was abt 47kg before that) and after I'd given birth, I was still +12kg which meant that only 8kg was Aidan and the rest was due to my bingeing during my pregnancy.. I was a pig i tell ya. For example, I had cravings for famous amos cookies and was able to finish an entire box while updating my blog. There were times when I walloped two boxes in one day. I'd quit smoking by going cold turkey the day I found out I was preggy (I started again only after I'd stopped breastfeeding Aidan) and i snacked more than usual as a result..The only exercises I did was walking around the malls looking for baby items and 'swimming' (the pong,gong,jee-mor gor-tai sort) . It didn't help that I'd stopped working during my final trimester so I wasn't exactly very active..

I was rather depressed for a while when I realised that it wasn't gonna be easy losing weight. I had been complacent. I used to have such a high metabolic rate and pple called me 'gum chek' as I was able to eat alot and yet managed to stay slim. Never did it occur to me that those extra pounds wouldn't go away that easily..(it did for some of the ljmoms though :P) Kinda duh of me actually. The period when I was at my fattest was a miserable one..I hated being an XL and wearing pants that were size 10 and above. I dreaded looking at the mirror and always spent ages deciding what to wear because every clothing lI tried made me look fat.. The pics taken on Aidan's one year old birthday shows how much bigger I was then.

I think I'd even photoshopped it a li' so that I looked 'slimmer' then..

It was after about a year of feeling despondent and frumpy that I decided to take some drastic measures. I started dieting. I tried the South Beach Diet but that only lasted for 2 weeks when my body couldn't deal with the no-carbo regime. I had no energy to do anything and walking by MacDonalds & smelling the freshly baked fries made me hyperventilate. It was tough because I had a babe to look after then. I did manage to lose abt 2 kg during that 2 weeks though but gained it back almost immediately when I stopped. Realised that it was probably water that I'd lost. The next thing I did was to try out appetite suppressants.. These had to be prescribed from the doctor. I'd gone to my neighbourhood doctor who was quite taken aback when he saw me 'coz he'd remembered me during my 'slimmer' days. I was given 2 types of pills - Panesby and Chitosan..both of which was supposed to be taken together.

Again, I had to abandon the pills because they had side effects. I didn't have the 'normal reaction' of heart palpitations and insomnia ('coz Ive already had insomnia before I started on these pills). But I had terrible migraines which only started during my 3rd week on the pills..the headaches were so bad that I decided to throw away the pills and the headaches stopped immediately. This time round, I managed to lose abt 4kg (I was abt 56 kg then) and fortunately, I didn't gain it back..

But even though I'd lost some weight, the flab was still there.. especially on my tummy. At that time, there were articles in magazines about this non-surgical method of 'dissolving fat' called mesotheraphy. After reading abt the 'success' stories in the mags, I decided I wanted to try it out. I made an appointment with Dr Patricia Yuen, who's always featured in those socialite magazines like Tatler and Prestige. She's actually about my age - very striking, tall, slim which only made me feel more dumpy just sitting next to her. After inspecting my body, she said that mesotheraphy was not going to be enough for me (since it works only on small targeted areas of fats) and recommended liposuction instead *sigh*..I gotta be honest, I was very very tempted but after considering for a while, I decided against it..Started trying other forms of diet by taking pills like Extrim which was meant to be taken before meals since it was a 'carbohydrate neutralizer and fat burner'. Did it work? Didn't see much effect but it only made me feel slightly less guilty when I binge on food. I stopped after a while though..

And then I decided to start working after 18 months of being a stay-at-home mom.. It wasn't exactly a tough decision to make because i'd always known that I would want to get back to the workforce sooner or later.

So I'd joined the now-defunct SPH Mediaworks and in that short 6 months with the company, I somehow lost 3 kg ..and in my current job at SPH, I went on to lose another 4kg. What did I do? diets, no major changes in my exercise regime. I'm back to eating hearty meals now and I do indulge in coke and ice cream a few times a week (unlike those days when I drink abt 2 cans a day). I just needed to be more mobile I guess..

I probably sound like someone with low self-confidence and esteem, going all out to lose weight and having no discipline to do it the 'healthy' way by exercising and eating right. I admit, I was lazy. Was trying to take the shortest-cut and hoping to do it with as little pain, sweat and trouble as possible. I certainly won't recommend people to do what I did. It's really not surprising why slimming centres make so much money..It's so easy to prey on a woman's insecurities and sense of vanity. In a selfish way, this is also one reason why I am reluctant to have another kid. I don't want to be fat again!

Going back in time..
Was going thru some of my older blog entries...and looking at some of the pics of Aidan when he was younger..

Here's Aidan in July 2003..

and exactly 2 years ago on Aug 17 2003...

Aidan one year ago on Aug 20 2004...

Oops..didn't take any pics of him today..:)

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