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nano nano~

It's mine!

Boy think it's his new toy...chum.

Yeah..couldn't resist it! Had to get my hands on the iPod nano..But damn, why couldn't the headphones be black in color? Gotta get myself a Sony black headphones then i guess...

The first thing Aidan did when he took the nano out of the plastic wrapping was place it against his ears and "hallo hallo.." Alamak~!.

For a better perspective of the unwrapping of a new iPod nano, check out cowie's latest entry.He got the whitey though...

ikepod, another nano owner just gave me this link..omg, the poor iPod nano! They did a series of 'stress test' on their nano to test how vulnerable the li' bugger is..
Here's an excerpt :
To simulate everyday accidents that could result in a broken iPod, we came up with a few situations that we felt would ultimately leave the nano lifeless:

:Sitting on the iPod nano
:Dropping it while jogging (4-6mph),
:Dropping at various speeds: 8-10mph (slow bicycle), 15-20mph (fast bicycle), :30mph (slow car), and 50mph (fast car)
:Dropping the nano from various heights.

Our first test consisted of placing the iPod nano on a solid wood chair and sitting on it, as people are prone to do from time to time. As you can guess, this "test" yielded basically zero damage results—so little, in fact, that we didn't even take pictures.

For our second test, one of us held on to the iPod, jogged about 20 feet and dropped the nano onto a sidewalk. This proved pretty uneventful as well and the nano didn't even skip a beat..

And the nano proved to be almost unbreakable. It could even withstand a car running over it...amazing!

Picture from arstechnica

Even after it had died, the poor nano couldn't rest in peace. They had to play csi and do an autopsy of it~


Hubby is in Vienna now..He did asked me whether he should postpone his trip so that I won't be on my own but then again, I'm not exactly alone at home right :) Told him not to worry and to go ahead with his business trip. At least this time round, Aidan seem to miss his daddy more. He's been calling Daddy Daddy non-stop, especially before bedtime. Hubby will be pleased :)

Here's a video of Aidan just before his bedtime (click on picture).

Been trying to teach Aidan to speak Mandarin. We've both been speaking to him in English and had only realised the importance of the second language recently (duh!) Hubby, whose knowledge of the language is worse than mine tasked me with the duty...Gonna start slowly by teaching him how to count first. My grasp of the chinese language ain't fantastic either so I guess I'd better learn the right ennunciation or else I'll end up teaching the bugger the wrong stuff..

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