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this was from my camera.
The swirly lights on top was because the flash went off when pic was taken..

Us 'bloggers' were asked to go down to the ST picture desk to do a photoshoot for the article on employees who blog for Presslines. Seems like those pictures they'd taken of us earlier on weren't sufficient and they wanted a group shot of us to be used for the cover *argh*. We were all asked to wear black tops..Told us that they're gonna d/i some words on our tee..I think it's gonna be something silly like "I'm a blogger!"..Oh man, I'm kinda dreading this already. It's gonna be so corny!

The worse was yet to come..We were told of this idea that they had. That us four were supposed to pose like we were crawling out of a computer. Gawd! Flashback 'The Ring'! The guys smirked, pointed at me & my long tresses and exclaimed "Sadako!"..grrrrrr!

Hmm..I could do that :P

Janice was the first to take her pics as she had a 10am appointment and she left promptly after that. The remaining 3 of us stayed on, bitched a li' and cheered each other on since we weren't as experienced at posing for the camera. Ian has always been the one behind the camera so this time round, it was payback time. But I guess since he knew what kinda shots they were looking for, he gamely posed for the photographer..The other guy, billyteoBilly (who's on lj too) had to be 'coached' initially but he later got the hang of it and became really spontaneous with his poses. Moi..erm, still very uncomfortable lah. Not easy jumping about with high heels and balancing myself on a table top...

The photog sent me some of the pics that they'd shortlisted.. i look like im crawling out of a pc?
methinks Im more like some crappy bartop dancer..
and I look way too chirpy to be Sadako :P

Alamak..hate this pic!.
Can see my fats blubber dangling out at the bottom of my tee.
Told them not to use it but I'm sure they're gonna ignore me. Bleah..

Note : Think I'd better clarify here. This is so not gonna be in the main papers..but in Presslines, our inhouse newspaper!!

Just wanna share this video of Aidan.We've been trying to teach him to massage us *evil parents*..Had a li' bit of success for a while and so I got Nenita to videotape him in action..But Murphy had to strike ...

Video of Aidan in action..
Guess I still have to pay for my massages *sigh*~

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