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the finale~

Shikeen, first runner-up, Sophie, the winner & Lynn, 2nd runnerup..

Sophie & Lynn being congratulated by the other finalists..

If you've read yesterday's ST or TNP, you would have known who'd won The New Paper New Face 2005 title..yeah, the youngest contestant Sophie Willocq. She was the fave amongst the judges right from the start as we'd done some pre-judging for photogenic quality and the marks had shown her to be the top scorer She totally deserved the win. Friends told me that she stood out on stage and it was quite obvious that she would take the title..Yeah, was a li' anti-climatic since TNP already reported her as the hot fave.

Shikeen was 2nd and she was also the one who had the highest sms votes! Lynn came in 3rd and bagged 2 other subsidiary awards so she was a big winner too. All the girls were awesome that night. Mind you, some have never modelled before this contest and had only learnt how to catwalk about 3 weeks ago and they only had about 2 rehearsals per week. They looked amazing! Initially, I was a li' apprensive when I saw the stylists from Toni & Guy giving some of the girls 'afro' dos..but when paired with their makeup and outfits, the end result was stunning. Shows how little I know abt style and fashion I guess..

Some behind the scenes pics taken by the TNP photogs

Tabatha getting her hair done by Toni & Guy

Renee being madeup by MAC

Rachel, Shikeen & Renee posing for the cam

Jannah & Hazzah

Sophie & Emiko still in their uniform.
Both rushed to Taka after their exams

Eye Candy~ *slurp*

Hardly had much time to be with them on the final day itself..had to be on-site to prepare it for the night's event. The girls was there rehearsing since 7am so they didn't have much sleep since rehearsals ended at midnight the day before. Could tell that they were exhausted but their spirits were high..

Breakfast at Delifrance..yes, models do eat :P

Took some pics of the set for memory sake..

with colleagues Huey Jiuan & Tarisa..

Had almost single handedly placed that day's New Paper + a 'shaker' can on every seat (680 of them in total)...fortunately, colleagues came by to help much later. The event started late due to the overwhelming no. of guests..we didn't have enough chairs mainly because the car display took up abt 50 chairs worth of space! We had to allow entry in batches starting from the family members of the contestants who got frontal seats. There was inevitably cockups..some quite jarring I'm sure but I guess only those in the know would notice it. Affected my mood a li'. Couldn't really enjoy the show as I had to move abt quite abit. Can't wait to see the video and the photos taken by valska.. From what I managed to catch of the show, the girls did great. They only rehearsed with the male models once though I'm sure the people couldn't tell from their performance. The slick dance segments were definitely entertaining though it looked slightly like a gay parade.. the dancers had interesting, for one item, they were draped in colorful bright feathered boas and middrift tees..(and the song they were dancing to? An 'asian' version of "I will survive"!)

These were from the Hang Ten & co segment..the stylists managed to jazz the outfits up by pairing them with funky assessories..

I thought that Rachel & Fawziah
were the strongest in catwalk..

The other segments featuring Asian designers like Baylene, All dressed up..

all pics of contest from TNP

Denise, who was the MC did a dance segment too. I'd videotaped part of the item during rehearsal. Click on picture to view it although beware, it's quite a big file and watchable on realplayer. Hmm..anyone knows how to convert a mov. file to a smaller one (eg.wmv?). Those vids captured by my digicam are huge!

Denise started the night by placing herself
next to the Subaru STi car display..

Felt a li' teary when I saw the crowning of the top 3...they've come so far - the 20 them and they were all winners in my heart (sheesh, i sound so soppy). I know some of the girls felt dejected when they didn't win any awards and I cant blame them. They'd put so much heart and soul into the contest and had sacrificed alot of their time by being involved in the various events and practising for the big day. A few felt that the winner had been pre-determined already especially since Pan Asians had always won the crown for the past few years but to be fair, Sophie wasn't exactly the fave right from the beginning...It was only after the photoshoots that many began to notice her. There were some whispers too that Lynn won because of her brother's connection. Her brother Daniel is a popular male model (he's the one who helped us in the scouting event at Zouks). Personally, I think that's bull. How much could Daniel impact on the judges decision? He's only a model for goodness sake! Her performance that night definitely cinched her 2nd runnerup position. Even though she isn't tall, she'd shone that night with her sparkling smile and sunny personality.

The day wasn't over yet as we had to go to the post-event party at Aquadisiac@Indochine..Had a li' trouble gathering all the girls together to adjourn there as their family members and friends kept pulling them away for photo sessions..Had to tell them that the faster they got to Indochine, the earlier they would be reunited with their family and pals.
Pics@Indochine (all with my mug)..

With Emiko, Sophie & Tabatha
The 'tiara' on Sophie's head was made by her supporters.
They were wearing those purple sparklers as a show of support to her and she wore it on her head after that to thank them :)

With Fawziah,Dympna,Gwen,Shikeen and Conelia.

Lynn, who was the 2nd runnerup and also bagged the title of
Miss Body Beautiful & Miss Silky Skin.

with Dympna..the girl's fab. She was telling me that the entire experience was awesome and that the best part of it was the friends that she'd made.

heh..i think i was tiptoeing here and Cris stooped down a li' and I still look so short. She's 1.73m.

That's Yanni, one of the finalists of last year's New Face.

another last year's finalist, Stacey..

colleagues, Georgina & Shear Lin

more colleagues, Aileen & Priscilla

and finally, the chairman of the New Face committee
and the forever youthful, Geoff..
Think i'll be reprimanded by him soon for some of the cockups :P
All photos here. More will be uploaded later

Oh well, all good things gotta come to an end. The past 5-6 months of worked has culiminated with a show that was barely 2 hours long..Strangely, I'm feeling a li' let down now. But there's still work to be done ..clothes to be returned, prize money to be given out, articles to be written for the inhouse paper and lotsa administrative stuff..After I've managed to settle them all, I'll then take my super long break! Looking forward to it!

Here's some other blogs that had written abt the event
mchewy msn blog

There's a vodcast of the even available online on Monday 10 Oct..You can check it out herethen.

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