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for sale..(aidan not included)

This is where I do my blogging :)

I think the guy is usually the messier of the couple but it's sadly not the case here - you should see my office cubicle ! My boss ever commented on its untidy state, hinting that "A clear desk is a sign of a clear mind!". Obviously, i have a very cluttered one.

I've never been a kempt person and one of my conditions when hubby proposed was that we had to have a part-time maid (before Aidan came along) to clean the house, do the laundry and especially iron his shirts (I'm utterly hopeless at that!). I used to only iron the collar & top section of the blouse of my school uniform and the pleats were sometimes non-existent after I was done with my pinafore..

Nenita tries her best to tidy up my table as much as possible but I keep bringing back more CDs/DVDs/books/magazines/misc items that she ran out of places to store them. Our bookshelves are filled to the brim (we even keep our excess books/comics in the study room wardrobe) & so my newer books and DVDs have moved into the master bedroom and are now scattered all over the room. Hubby used to complain that I'm marking my territory everywhere by leaving all my stuff ard..I think Nenita has been throwing my older magazines away discreetly since there aren't that many around anymore. Heh..what to do... The perks of getting free SPH mags! But I should stop hoarding stuff or I'll have a mega headache when we do move house. Well, I guess I'll just hold a garage sale then!

Anyway..I've taken pics of my apartment because we are now trying to sell our place. No, the deal for the new aptment isn't sealed yet because *sigh* we are still negotiating on the price. So this weekend, we'll take it easy by looking at other apartments. Who knows...we may find another gem. If you know of anyone interested in moving to Hougang, feel free to show them the pics of my place..
Pics of My Apartment
alamak..hubby saw my pics and asked "How do you expect to sell our place with photos like these? hmm..mebbe I gotta start throwing stuff away soon!
Haven't posted vids for a while..Here's some taken last night :)
Aidan singing to himself (guess the songs!)

A Duet

Hub commented too that I taught Aidan salah lyrics..
Should be touch of golden sun..alamak~!

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