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Haven't been updating or commenting on other's lj for a while...Just didn't have the inclination to do so and whenever I click comment on a friend's blog, my mind goes blank! It's not like I've been busy at work. On the contrary, I merely have some small-scale promos to handle and life couldn't be any less stressful. It's probably a case of ennui setting in..

Been busy househunting..we'd started looking around Novena and Holland Village area but none of the apartments we saw impressed us much. Then we did a major detour and began checking out the East Area...We spent the morning having breakfast at the famous prawn noodles shop at East Coast Road and then followed by viewing several aptments/houses from Siglap area to Opera Estate.. Gawd! Traffic in the east is just as bad and the amt of vulgarities that came out of hub's mouth was a testament to that. I guess if the idea was to lessen his stress level by avoiding the CTE, moving there would definitely be a no-no.

Well, I guess in our minds, the Pandan Valley apartment is still 'ze one'..The problem was the price.. We felt that the owners was asking for too much and hubby refused to relent on our second offer to them. Yesterday, he finally decided to increase our initial offer price by $20k. Well, hopefully the owners will accept it or else I can kiss the aptment bye bye! Will know the answer by tomorrow *sigh*

Some Aidan pics :)


Have been following the on-goings of Miss World 2005 at Sanya..Yeah, it's my yearly ritual. I know..pageants are so passe now and feminists everywhere are decrying the objectification of women thru such events. But aiyah..I just like looking at pretty women and bodies (doesnt matter whether they're plastic or not) :P

Unlike Miss Universe, this international pageant isn't publicised much by our local media..Actually, this could be only pageant that Miss Singapore could in theory, have a chance at entering the finals because the top 15 is decided by votes (esp since S'poreans are so sms-crazy)! Unlike World Idol where the country of the contestant is barred from voting, anyone from anywhere can vote for their favourite contestants. However, in reality, us Singaporeans are very unlikely to vote for our beauty queen because she can't sing and act cute like those from the local idol contests on teevee and we are probably too busy critiquing than supporting her. In countries like Philippines or China, the support for their queens border on fanatism where there are major campaigns going on (especially online) to garner more votes. I saw in some forums where the Filipinos in Singapore are busy getting as many of their counterparts here to put aside some of their monthy salary to vote. Hah..unlikely that any Singaporeans will attempt to do that (unless they stand a chance to win some car or condo).

This year's Miss Singapore World ain't that bad looking (definitely much better than the previous year's entry) although she does look a li' SPG and seem to have a slight overbite (argh..stop being mean *bish). I think she has great fashion-sense too. There's some comments in some forums that she resembles America Idol's Jasmine Trias (I think it's that orchid lah). She's been photographed quite a bit by the international press and she's fortunate in a way coz she's Miss China's roommate so it is inevitable that the cameras will be nearby. Miss China together with Miss Philippines are the hot favourites from Asia Pacific (only 2 contestants from each continental zone will be able to reach the finals).

Interestingly, Miss Singapore's odds given by the pageant bookies ain't too bad in comparison to her Asian counterparts. She's standing at 66-1. Not surprisingly, Miss Philippines is leading at 8-1, Miss China is 20-1 , Miss Vietnam 25-1. Miss Indonesia & Miss Thailand are tied with Shenise at 66-1 and the rest of the asians, Miss HK, Miss Malaysia, Miss Korea, Miss Mongolia, Miss Taipei and Miss Japan are standing at 80-1.

Miss Singapore World, Shenise Wong

Miss Singapore & Miss China

samo samo

With Miss HK & Miss China

From left : Miss Korea, Miss Singapore, Miss Japan (top), Miss China (in pink), Miss Hong Kong (next to China), Miss Mongolia (top), Miss Indonesia and Miss Philippines
Bottom : Miss Malaysia and Miss Vietnam

I'm so boliao hor!

Go here for a review of the Miss Singapore World pageant..
Check out her blog here where she writes abt her experience in Sanya


Saw this posted on most of my friends' lj so thought I'll do the same here since I like to read comments so much :P

If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, even if we don't speak often, please post a comment with a memory of you and me. It can be anything you want, either good or bad.

When you're finished, post this little paragraph on your LJ and be surprised (or mortified) about what people remember about you.

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