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Welcome to the World, Renee Soh

Trevor, Bibi and cute 'li Renee Congratz to u guys!

My friends Bibi and Trevor became the proud parents of a baby girl - Renee today..Bibi had a C-section as the baby was in breech position. The delivery was pretty fast according to Trevor..she was wheeled in at 7:00am and by 7:10am, Renee was borne :)

I went to visit them at the hospital today, together with Aidan and my dad-in-law. Gosh..Renee is so tiny! All 2.65 kg/51cm of her. I can't believe that Aidan was about that size when I gave birth to him 2 plus month ago. Both Bibi and Trevor have yet to carry her- Bibi couldn't becuz of her stitches and Trevor was afraid to..So, I cradled li' Renee and she felt soooo light and delicate! I think I've probably grown muscles lugging 4+kg Aidan around so much so everything feels pretty light to me now hehe. Helped the new daddy to 'learn' how to carry his li' one and she looks so sweet in his arms :)

Bibi is fine, though she is still in pain. Both parents look so blissfully happy with their newborne. Bibi says that she will definitely call on me & another mummy pal, Corrina since we are considered 'experts' in looking after a newborne baby..Eeew..can't believe it..Just 2 plus mth with Aidan and I'm a 'lao jiao' already.

Woohaa!! Another girl-friend for Aidan hee~~~
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