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A Brand New Year~

mouth closed also can drool..*sigh*

A brand new year, a spanking new hair-do! Had no choice but to have his locks shorn as I was getting nagged at by my in-laws and his teachers in school..His principal actually said "Happy New Year and see you next year Aidan, hopefully with shorter hair!" Gah!

I know it sounds so cliché but 2005 went by too swiftly. I started the year in a new position at a different company & the first 3 qtr of the year saw me consumed by my projects at work. I lost alot of weight and gained back some towards the end of the year. My dad passed away and for the first time, I experienced what it felt like to lose a loved one. There was a birth in the family too with the arrival of baby Tyler, my brother Stephen's first borne boy.

Aidan lost his baby fats and grew taller and leaner. Much to our relief, his speech improved and was able to express himself better. He'd become even more independent and assertive too and has started to test our patience. 2006 will probably be a more trying period but I'm sure we'll survive.

Nah..not gonna set any resolution as I know I wouldn't fulfil any of it..But I do have a wish..that Aidan would finally stop drooling in the year 2006. I made that wish last year too though (should have asked for bibs for his birthday presents)..Oh, and good health for my loved ones and to all of you too!!

Wishing all a blessed 2006 ♥!!
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