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Of Poop & Pee

Aidan's been sleeping more regularly and longer sessions so I've been having more time to myself :) He's been sleeping thru the nights very frequently so I don't need to wake up in the middle of the night for feeds (though I do wake up sometimes to check if he's okay :P). He's also been pretty good natured too, grinning and chuckling a lot especially when he's fully fed and rested!

Been reading up on Elimination Communication. Well, EC is based on the belief that babies are fully aware of their elimination function and that they are actually capable of communicating to us their need to eliminate and also assisting us to meet this need..Well, eliminate here refers to 'pee','poop','shee-shee' - you get the idea. It's kind of a radical idea as most people will not accept this idea as many share the belief that babies do not having muscle control over their anal and urinary sphincters..that they are unaware of their pee & poop function.

A parent from the Asiaparent forum group will be conducting a session on this. Thought that it would be interesting to attend and learn more about it. Would be great to have a better understanding of this and maybe, li' Aidan can be 'potty-trained' earlier. It's not mainly for my convenience..I actually enjoy changing Aidan's diapers becuz he is always pretty happy lying on the changing table and I will talk and sing to him while changing him. I love to see hubby changing him coz he be singing these made-up songs about Aidan's smelly poop while expertly cleaning him up. We had a few incidents of direct hit by Aidan's pee but we are kinda immune to his golden shower already. Oh..and I'd caused Aidan to get hit by his own pee twice.While powdering his bottoms by holding his two legs upright while he was lying flat on the changing table, he suddenly peed and his pee hit his face directly..and arghh..his mouth was open! And he could still continue to chuckle away!! Arghhh! I caused my own son to drink his own pee (jus a little only ok!!)


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