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5 days in HK :)

Yeah..been MIA for a while. Just came back from Hong Kong actually. Hubby's company had rewarded him for his hard work with travel vouchers and so we decided to use it for a short family holiday in Hong Kong. We brought Nenita along too so that we could sneak out after Aidan slept :P

It was a fabulous trip! The weather was cool..not too cold and a good and timely respite from the brazen heat in Singapore. We managed to cover many of the must-go places like Ocean Park, Disneyland, a tram ride and then dinner at The Peak , Seafood at Lamma Island and even Shenzhen. To our pleasant surprise (and contrary to the negative media reports), Disneyland was not packed at all and we hardly had to queue for the rides which made the whole experience even more enjoyable. No shoving and pushing in a place full of chinese people ;P Aidan enjoyed himself tremendously and I guess what made it more fun for him was he had company too.

It's great to have kakis ard in places I'm not too familiar with..Mong was a wonderful host and 'tour-guide' to Shenzhen and Tracey was great company too. Aidan also had the chance to play with both meganmacyMong's & claudiachengTracey's daughters.. Aidan and Claudia spent quite a bit of time together with Disneyland and the two kiddos had so much time playing with each other...They had so much space to run about and both Tracey & myself ended up having to chase after the two kids most of the time..

And when we visited Shenzhen, we left Aidan at Mong's place so that he can play with both Macy & Megan..According to Nenita, the boy had a whale of a time with the girls.. The li' chilli-padi Macy apparently ordered him around quite a bit "Aidan..come here!" she would call out when the buaya ran outside to beo Megan. "Okay..coming!" He would reply back and promptly ran back to her each time she ordered him to. Alamak..hen-pecked at such a young age. He was slightly distraught when both girls went to bed (which was ard 9pm and we weren't back yet) and started tearing .. And Mong's husband Ed was nice enough to stay up and play marbles with him. The boy was having so much fun that he ignored us when we finally came back at abt 9pm!

We had too little time in Shenzhen. We lost some precious time when we realised after we'd reached Mong's place that we'd forgotten to bring our passports *duh* and had to return to the hotel to collect it. By the time we reached Shenzhen, it was 11 plus am which meant that we only had half a day left to shop and for the massage. The spa place which Mong brought us to was heavenly! I was barred from taking pictures so I can't show how lush & luxurious the place was..And the girls there were gorgeous.. My masseuse had a creamy complexion, silky long hair and erm big boobs..(come to think of it, most of the girls were slim with huge boobies). I was initially wondering whether she had the strength to massage me since she was so petite but thankfully, she was quite skillful.. Hmm, I wondered whether they give specials to the guys (not something i should be thinking abt since hubby was having his massage too). Anyway, we each had 2 1/4 hrs of massage..a comfortable place to lounge in and free flow of drinks & fruits..Felt really relaxed and lembek after that but unfortunately, we had to make our way back to HK after that..

Am really pleased with my shopping haul too especially what i got at my last-minute shopping at Wanchai. A beautiful white lacey Christian Dior blouse, a brown Betsey Johnson dress and a green frilly Marc Jacobs skirt - just to name a few..Best buy from Shenzhen would be the Jimmy Choo's inspired shoes which would match the MJ skirt really well.

Gotta highly recommend the hotel - Express at Holiday Inn we stayed in. It is strategically located in the heart of Causeway Bay, just next to Times Square and the MTR..Very convenient. It's a brand new hotel and the rates are really reasonable..Nice sized rooms, free internet access..includes breakfast at abt $200 per night!

*Sigh* These are the only pics I have because something seemed to be wrong with the memory card. Most of the pics seemed to be corrupted they don't seemed to be viewable at all. Yet, I can see them well enough when the SD card is in my camera. Anyone know how I can salvage this problem?Rectified :)

@Ocean Park uncool~

Heading to Disneyland :)

Snow White with Sweety & Cheeky~
The rest of the uncorrupted pictures here *sob*
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