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more of HK..

Used another card reader to upload my photos and lo and behold, the 'corrupted' pics were viewable *yeah*..So there you have it, all the pics taken in Hong Kong here.

It felt really good knowing how much the li' one had enjoyed himself..Nothing beats seeing how happy your kid is and thinking that this will be a great memory of his childhood when he grows up. Hubby was just telling me that it's kinda nice seeing Aidan treating others with so much respect especially his li' friends like Macy & Claudia. He's such an affectionate and sociable boy..very generous with his hugs and kisses and isn't afraid of strangers at all. He was a great traveller too especially on plane and boat rides (well, cept for a couple of really bumpy and long taxi rides where he ended up puking but we had the barf bags ready).

One thing though..Aidan never misses us when we are away. When we'd left him at Mong's place while we went gallivanting at Shenzhen, he never called out for us at all unlike li' Macy who was constantly asking for her mommy. I do wish he misses us a li' more though..But I guess he's simply an easy-going kid. Even when Nenita was away in Philippines, he never once queried abt her and if anyone asked where she was, he'll just tell them matter of factly that she'd gone for a holiday. He's never been a clingy child even when he was a baby so I guess I shouldn't be overly bothered and consider myself lucky..

He's growing up so little boy! And I love him so so much :)

More pics of Disneyland HK

Taken at Cafe Deco at The Peak

The fabulous spa place at Shenzhen

Heading home..

yes, piggy went to HK too~
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