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hmm..i gotta find Aidan some boys to play with...

Aidan with Erin & Tasmin :)

Playing Twister & Club Cranium!

Ben and with his winning clay molded lobster!

The rest of the pics here

Realised my pics didn't show much of the auntyadelethe Augustin's and their beautiful abode! Was too busy eating and chatting with the gals. amizadai has more here. I love their glass panelled balcony though I would be a tad fearful living in such an apartment like this 'coz I'll be worried sick that Aidan will try to climb over it!

The boy enjoyed himself loads. He loves the company of both children and adults. He's always liked Tasmin because she such a darling and he had so much fun playing with Tas and Erin in her new bedroom (Adele, i'm gonna get that bed for his new room too!). And when the adults starting playing Club Cranium, the boy was so intrigued by the game that he stayed outside and watched us play. And some of the adults like ngaderAdri and dsngDaryl helped entertained him too (thanks u guys).. When hubby called up to see how we were, I'd passed the mobile phone to Aidan. Asked hubby "So how was the party? Did you enjoy yourself?" "I had a great time!!" Aidan replied chirpily.. It was a breakthrough of sorts because usually, Aidan would answer monosyllabically, most of the time a "yes!".

Guess it's kinda obvious which country i'm supporting in this year's World Cup :P


With World Cup around the corner, we're gonna be quite busy soon with tons of in-paper promotions lined-up especially since TNP is the undisputed football paper. TNP will be doing a search for their World Cup Babe soon and the girl should be someone who possesses good knowledge of the beautiful game and of must of coz be jude lah so if you know of someone who fits that profile, do let them know abt this. Winner wins cash and products from the sponsor, Nikon and gets to be the face of World Cup in TNP sports pages..

Got some of our last year's New Face girls to do a photoshoot for this promo with Ivan from TNP doing the styling.

from left Hazzah, Mei, moi, Pie Ling, Amanda with Ivan above..

These were taken at Subaru's opening of their showroom aptly named the Subaru Hub..The MTV Vjs May & Choy were the MCs for the event. Honestly, they look better in those pictures in Maxim/FHM and in the papers than irl (but so do I :P)

with Caroline from Subaru and valskaJoan

Was asked to invite some of last year's New Face girls to the event too. Good opportunity to catch up with them & find out how they've been doing. I still feel like their mamasun though! Most of them have lost weight and are looking great. Can't believe how fast time flies and I'll be starting the promos for this year's New Face soon..*awk*
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