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Sleepy Sunday

We were supposed to visit Trev & Bibi (the new parents) in the afternoon at abt 1pm but we were running late coz li' Aidan had to be fed first..We'd finished feeding Aidan at abt 1.15pm and we were putting him into the carseat when Trev called. He asked us whether we'd left the house yet. Apparently, both Trev & Bibi are exhausted as their first night with the baby left them with hardly any sleep. Baby Renee woke up every half hour durings the night and so they were up the entire night pacifying their li' baby. Trev asked that we postpone our visit to another day coz his mom is there to look after Renee now and so they can take this opportunity to rest & catch some zzs.

Hee..this brought back memories of my sleepless nights! I was more fortunate as I had the confinement lady with me during the 1st month so I had time to rest & recuperate. Now, with Aidan's sleep patterns being pretty somewhat fixed, it's not so tiring anymore. We put him down into his cot to sleep at about 9-10pm everynight and he will wake abt 6 or 7am in the morning. And..I will usually breastfeed him then and he will usually fall asleep pretty fast and will sleep in our bed till abt 9-10am. Hopefully, he won't change his sleep pattern & start waking in the middle of the night *touch wood*..

Anyway...back to our day! We'd placed Aidan into the carseat already and was about to carry him to the car when our plans for the day was foiled. We looked at Aidan who was already sleeping soundly in the carseat and couldn't bear to take him out of it. So we left him there on the floor of his room and stayed home instead..And he slept in the chair for 3 hours!!! Can't believe it! It's usually so tough putting him to sleep in the cot or bassinet during daytime..and here he is, sleeping happily in the carseat , in an upright position

In the end, we did go out - to Compass Point..and we only did so after the li' Prince had woken up and had his milk-meal

Aidan was mega pissed when he was placed into the carseat but he soon fell asleep *yeah*

The Li' Prince being carried to the car

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