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My sis evonnetay who's flying over to Perth for abt 2 weeks decided to let her baby stay over at our place so that we could babysit him.. I didn't mind 'coz I've always loved animals and I know Aidan would be over the moon too. Was a li' worried that the feline could be a tad overwhelmed by the boy's attention & enthusiasm...

just in case you're wondering why the boy is always in superhero costumes,
Aidan loves to wear them as pjs :P

His name..Kit Kat! First thing he did? Ran under my couch! Think he wasn't used to a new environment and kept looking at us suspiciously. Didn't help that Aidan kept imploring him to come out and play! He finally came out after much coaxing (and cat treats) and he let us manja him a li' before he disappeared under the couch again. Aidan was so disappointed!

When I woke up this morning, the first thing I did was to look under the sofa. Yes..he was there..unfortunately, this was what I saw too..

Dajie!! You should have brought the scratching pole!! *ARGHHHHHHHHH*
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