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pls ignore the ugly nails..haven't had time to do my manicure :P

Dropped by the Easter Sunday party organised by daynemaAnny..We couldn't stay long as we had another appointment to keep but Aidan had fun nevertheless. He managed to find two easter eggs that were hidden and he also got to color and decorate his own egg.

While happily playing with his work of art, he accidentally dropped it. I'd expected the boy to be saddened by his cracked egg since he was so proud of it. But the happy-go-lucky and constantly hungry one said "Nevermind Mummy. I can eat egg!!"

And so he did =)

kopped this pic from chanrkl

It was another first for Aidan when he visited the dentist with us. The li' bugger was gungho enough to hop onto the dentist chair without much prodding but the minute he was on it, he got rather alarmed and had a strickened look on his face. Fortunately, Dr Kwok was great with him and asked the boy to count his teeth together with him while he inspected Aidan's mouth. And soon enough, he relaxed and counted along.

"20 milk teeth all intact!" declared Dr Kwok! Thankfully, no cavity or tooth decay in sight although I had one cavity *sob*. "I've got 20 teeth!" Aidan said gleefully as he beemed us with a bright smile while hopping off the dentist chair.!

I'm so proud of my brave li' boy =)
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