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Too much Tveee~

I watch way tooooo much TV..!! Here's my tv timetable.

Daily viewing :
Mon-Sun : 7pm - Kindred Spirits on Ch U [*sigh*..I'm really turning into an aunty]
Mon-Fri : 9pm - Legal Entanglement on Ch55
Mon-Fri : 10:30pm - Taste of Love on Ch55. Should there be any conflicting programmes, I will watch the repeat of the shows the next day at 11:30 am [perks of being a taitai heheh]

Must Watch TV :
Every Thursday 3pm or 8pm : The Amazing Race on Ch5 [this one is die die must watch hehehe]
Every Wednesday 11pm : Smallville on Ch5 [Tom Welling is soooo droolsome :)~~~)
Every Sunday 9pm : Yummy King on Ch U
Blockbuster Movies especially on Ch 5 :eg- Matrix, Star Wars trilogy :) [hmm, I have the VCD/DVDs for such movies but it still feels good to watch it on TV]

Try to Watch TV :
Monday 10pm : The Bachelor on Ch5 [Yeah, its sleazy TV hehe]
Monday 11pm : Scrubs on Ch5
Tuesday 10pm : Restless on Ch 5[it's actually quite a good local production..honest!!]
Wednesday 10pm : Charmed on Ch5[less interested in the show since the bitch left *sigh*]
Sunday 8:30pm : Hi Life on Channel NewsAsia [Lisa Ang's a babe :)~ ]
Mon-Thurs 10:30pm : War of the Gender on Ch U [sometimes, I watch this simultaneously with Taste of Love. Hubby tends to get really irritated hee~]

This is not including the VCDs I buy..I watch mainly Chinese VCDs, usually the latest HK movies. I also watch those Taiwanese idol series [yeah yeah..I'm superficial] like Meteor Garden, Peach Girl, Marmalade Boy, Tomorrow etc etc - yeah, I've got all the boxed VCD collection].

Hmm..yeah, I watch too much TV :)~~

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