Angelia (angeliatay) wrote,

Okay...haven't been posting pics of the cheeky one for quite a while so....

Guess who bought shoes to match his son's?

Aidan was so pleased! "Same shoes..same color!" he exclaimed with delight!


Like all boys, Aidan loves to play with toy guns. But I'm just not comfortable with it somehow. But his doting grandparents who always pander to his needs bought it for him instead. Knowing that we wouldn't be pleased, the toys are left at their place and the boy only gets to play with it when we go over to their place for lunch every Sunday.

I don't know..maybe seeing him with guns is a reminder that he would have to serve NS one day. Just recently, during the 'Tammy' incident, I was commenting to my friends (who had daughters) that I was thankful that I didn't have a girl. One of them responded "But your son gotta do NS!"..Touché!

I'm definitely not looking forward to that day especially after hearing all the horror stories of NS. Sure, national service does build up one's character and strength..One of my ex-boyfriend totally enjoyed his NS days (he was a commando) saying that it had taught him to be disciplined and independent. And he proved it by doing extremely well in uni and graduating with a 3.5+ GPA and is probably earning big bucks now. Guess I've been influenced by my other half who thinks that NS is a pure waste of time and it is too much sacrifice for the guys. He maintains that girls should also do NS too *bleah*.. He's just received his MR (posted to Mindef Reserve) letter which means that he doesnt need to do reservist anymore and you should see the joy on his face..


My li' nephew Tyler who is just over 6 months old have grown so much! He's 9kg and sooo chubby! He's such a cute li' thing. He has the same hairdo as Aidan when he was that age! I guess it runs in the family.. Tyler really resembles my dad..especially when he smiles..

from top left, Tyler, with Jen his mommy, my sis evonnetay
, mom & his daddy, Stephen
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