Angelia (angeliatay) wrote,

my paper launch : part 2

with the Icon babes : Jem, Germaine & Janice cute Leslie Kwok's mug today but some ljers crashed dropped by the event to say hi!

Was expecting them to come by at abt 1 but when they didn't appear, I'd assumed that they were too caught up with work so I decided to go get some food (was soooooo hungry). Just as I loaded up my plate with tons of food from the buffet line and was gleefully gonna sneak off somewhere to fill up my tummy, I heard my name being called..and there they were, hypodermicallyGermaine, ickleorientalJanice and newfangledJem along with 2 other colleagues.

Was kinda like a mini-lj gathering..made them take loads of pics (since they were giving out free polariods with the 我报 masthead) and I think they jaws ached after smiling so much for the cameras :P Hope to see you gals again and hopefully, I would be less hungry and flustered then :P

Tags: friends, work
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