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Pics of the day :

Sad Aidan, reluctant to go to bed..(yesterday nite)..,Grandpachair is always ze best!!

Hmm..I think the name of this lj should be changed to Aidan's Mummy journal..I was browsing through the journal and I'd realised that since the birth of li' Aidan, my entries were mainly abt him and that I had posted at least one pic of him each day..Hopefully, when Aidan grows up, this live journal will still be in existence and he can read everything that I've written and maybe cringe with embarassment at some of the pics I've posted .

Was chatting with Bibi (the new mummy) on the phone earlier on. She seems to doing pretty well with li' Renee who is now 1 week old. After their first night of 'terror' with the baby, both Bibi & Trev managed to settle into a routine of looking after the baby and it seems that everything is fine now. Bibi was telling me that Trevor wakes up every weekday morning at 6am to prepare for Renee's first feed of the day..after which he will then shower and leave for work. Bibi is thus able to wake up later n have more rest. I was telling Bibi that she is darn lucky..In fact, I think my hubby would probably tell Trev that he spoil market for all daddies!!!

I admit once in a while, I wish that hubby has more initiative with Aidan and we have had some spats over it but overall, he's been a good hubby & an involved daddy! He helps feed the baby, change diapers and constantly play and sing to Aidan :), and does some chores like sterilizing the bottles and boiling/refiling the hot water etc..the only thing he doesn't (dare to) do is to bathe Aidan..which is okay coz I enjoy bathing Aidan.

Pam, my fren/neighbour told me that her hubby was totally uninvolved with Christan. He would play with him for 10 mins per day say that he couldn't handle him anymore. Everything from feeding to showering and changing diapers is done by Pam alone. Even when Pam was working, her husband hardly helped at all during the nights (her baby wakes up every 2 hrs for night feed!). Thank gawd my hubby ain't like that or I'll go crazy! lao gong, if you are reading this (which I'm sure you would hehe), thank you for being such a loving hubby and a great daddy !!!
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