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fengshui talk..

Me..well, not really. But hubby does! Before we bought this apartment, we'd engaged a fengshui master to do a reading & it was after he'd given his blessings and verified that the house was suitable for us that we signed on the dotted line. The fengshui master had done an earlier reading for us at our previous apartment and after we followed his recommendations (they weren't very drastic), hubby felt that it actually resulted in significant positive changes in his life. As for me, I guess I'm more of an easy-going person..and if it makes him happy, I'm really okay with it...erm, as long as it isn't too tough to implement.

Actually, the master was very reasonable. When recommending colors, he said "gold/brown" for my master bedroom, "beige/brown" for my living room and "blue" for Aidan's room. Exactly the colors I would have chosen anyway =). I would have been at a loss if he'd said purple for our room and pink for Aidan's. The change of the layout in our master bedroom and the placement of the mirror feature in the living room were suggested by him..and it all fit well with our reno plans. I read in some forums about more drastic recommendations. Couples were instructed not to have the master bedroom as their marital room because of the bad 'chi'. So they ended up having to convert another room into their master bedroom. There were cases where entire configuration of the apartment had to be changed due to fengshui. Our pals Corrina & Darren had been unsuccessful in their apartment hunt so far, as their fengshui master had told them that those places they had shortlisted weren't suitable at all. So I guess we should consider ourselves lucky.

However, there were other items that took a while to obtain. For example. He told us that the dining area required a Mountain/Water painting. I was aghast! That would definitely not go with the decor at our place. The usual traditional painting of this sort will look like this -

In the end, this was what we ended up with..
Well, there's mountain..there's water...:P

Aidan's room was a headache. The color choice was no problem at all of course. The issue was with the ceiling column that against the wall on the right of the room. It looked like a false ceiling but it was infact something that was inherent in the design of the apartment and couldn't be removed. His 'best' sleeping and studying position (called the wen chang wei according to e_rambler) was determined to be on that side of the room too. And the bed could not be placed in a manner where the head of the bed will lie againt that wall because he would then be directly under the column..The best position was to have the bed aligned where the column was..and then since it was the best studying location, we also placed his table/chair against the wall, just next to his bed. And in addition to that, the fengshui master had also asked that we hanged up 3 calligraphy brushes on the wall, which was supposedly to aid him in his studies in future. old-fashioned! But I still had it done but placed it next to his wardrobe so that it wouldn't be that visible....!

Aidan, just before bedtime.

the 3 mao bi!

Something that the fengshui master had mentioned to me when he found out my sheng-chen-ba-zhi (date & time of birth). He said that I was someone who has problem conceiving and that if I had given birth, and should the child was a boy..he can be considered a true blessing as he was tian-song (a gift from heaven).

Hmm, I don't need a fengshui master to tell me that. I've always felt that we were blessed to have a kid like Aidan =)

Oh...meant to blog about this earlier. The boy was selected for a small role in some MDA funded movie (I think it's a malay film). He got the role through someone who reads my journal and she'd emailed me saying Aidan could be suitable for it and whether I was okay with bringing him for an audition. I had worked with that production company before when I was at Mediaworks so I was sure of its credibility. Since it was located at Holland Village, I said fine and that I'll pop by with Aidan. The role required him to do 3 things - 1) Play at a playground 2) Pretend to sleep while his reel parents pat him to sleep 3) Run away from his parents at a mall. Thought it seemed simple enough.

I actually knew the guy who auditioned Aidan..He was someone I worked with during my Mediaworks days too and I'm still not sure whether Aidan got the role because of this :P.. Anyway, they texted me the day after to say that Aidan was selected and that he'll be paid $750 for the job and that the filming will start in Sept. Heh, Aidan would be able to pay for his room's funitures then!

When I was filling up the talent form..I was at a loss when I had to fill up the part about Aidan's talents. So I wrote " can eat a lot, play a lot!". :P
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