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Realised that Aidan has changed a lot in terms of his facial features since he was borne..He was tiny & scrawny at birth, and his eyes were really small & slitty, his cheeks flattened and had very fair skin. He looks completely different now (I think)..What do you think?

All squishy squashy on his first day of arrival..1 day old - with slitty eyes

Aidan at 3 days old and 1 week old...

3 weeks of his eyes have double eyelids now and his cheeks are fatter
1 month old- definitely bweer :)

1 1/2 weeks old, 1 3/4 weeks old - getting cuter hehe~

Aidan 2 mths plus - pimply & both eyes with double eye-lids..
and finally,a pretty Aidan at 2 months 2 weeks!

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