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thanks for coming over!

Had a li' get-together yesterday..for once, almost all the food was finished! It helped that I was expecting 15-20 people and in the end, about 30++ (not including the kids) turned up so we 'under-cooked/ordered' which made it just perfect :P Nenita was superb..she only started preparing/cooking at 3pm & by 6pm, she managed to whip up a huge serving of beehoon, curry chicken, fried chicken wings and potato patties. Hubby also drove down to Joo Chiat and bought the pepper/chilli crabs from Eng Seng Restaurant . And also thanks to those who came over especially those who bought food or else we wouldn't have enough for everyone!

crysta's delicious cupcakes was a hit, with everyone clamouring for some (especially the kiddos).I almost didn't get to eat any!

with alisonraeJean,meganmacyMong,bbhomeJune and squarenailsPei Fen

leadlordNorman,oiseaubleuxWei Chi and e_ramblerYun-Huei

squarenailsPei Fen, jinsiewJin & Kristen and meganmacyMong

chio bus, ngaderAdri & crystaWai San

The rest of the pics here
Aidan played so much that he had a nightmare that night! alamak!
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