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Previously, I'd blogged about Aidan having a teeny-weeny role in a locally-made movie in one of my earlier entry..Well, they'd started shooting some scenes was mainly for the trailer and thankfully, this was the 'easy' one - which was the playground scene. When we reached there (a playground at Holland V area), they were in the midst of filming another scene, that of Aidan's screen parents. By the way, Aidan's name in the movie is Ethan which is good since the two names sounded quite similar.

Aidan's screen daddy (the one with the laptop) being filmed..:P

One of the production crew ensuring Aidan's makeup was intact :P

What was required from Aidan for the scene was simple. He just had to do what he always does at a playground..go up and down the slide repeatedly..! Aidan just couldn't wait to do his scene. He kept asking me impatiently, "Is it 'action' yet??" And I told him wait for Uncle Mark to say so..and he'll ask Mark "Can I 'action' yet?" So the minute he called 'action', Aidan was happy like a bird. The shoot itself took probably at most 10 minutes..! It was wrap after he did it for the 4th time! The boy looks as if he'd enjoyed himself and I think he liked being the centre of attention.

the boy taking a break after the shoot

Us with Hanni (who did the casting), Mark, the director and his son, Noel!
slumbermydarlin, Hanni told me she knew abt my blog thru yours (understand she's a pal for yours).
We made our way down to One Fullerton yesterday to catch the opening of the Singapore Fireworks Festival which was graced by our President Nathan. Yeah, my fireworks pics didn't do justice to what was on display that night by Team Italy..There are other fab fireworks pics on the internet (for eg. here and here).

You see the wand that Aidan is holding? There was this lady going ard selling it..and her method? She was shoving it right into the hands of the kids and by the time the parents realised what was happening, their children were already waving the wands happily and they had no choice but to fork out 3 bucks! That happened to us too! It was crowded and hot, and we didn't want to risk a tantrum. I bet she sold all her wands that night! Grrrrr!!
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