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天真 boy..

Hmm, i think his right is his nicer profile :P

Had to clear my remaining leave-days for the current financial year (which ends end Aug) so I'll only be back in the office on Thursday. But man, all of us with the exception of Aidan were stricken with food poisoning on Sunday and we were taking turns going to the loo..luckily there were 3 toilets in the house :P Am still unsure which food item that was at fault but it was either the crabs/gong-gong at Pasir Panjang or the otah at Tiong Bahru market. Fortunately, Aidan doesn't eat spicy stuff so he was spared. Hubby and Nenita seemed to be cured but I'm still getting cramps and watery stools..*bleah*..and I i took the most meds. Anyway, just hope the meds will start working or I'm gonna get dehydrated soon.

Was informed by the school that today was Aidan's photography session and that he should had been wearing his school uniform instead of his PE attire. So I had to trot back to his school with his uniform for him to change into. Had an interesting chat with his teachers about the boy. His chinese teacher said that Aidan is very 天真 tian-zhen and that it was a rare trait in most kids these days . I was asking her elaborate what tian-zhen meant here (My interpretation of the word is naive and idealistic). She said that he seems so innocent, free of guile and child-like (but he's still a child?!) and always so happy-go-lucky. When asked to do certain tasks, he will gladly do so and not challenge the teachers or show any reluctance to do so unlike some of the other kids who would ask why so and so wasn't asked to do it.. He'll share his stuff with the other kids happily and doesn't seem to be affected if other kids are mean or unruly to him.

I know she kinda meant it as a compliment but I'm not sure whether that's actually a good trait ... I would prefer him to have a mind of his own and be a little more 'street-smart' thought i know he's a bit young to be so. Hmm, but he doesn't seem to be always that accomodating at home though..but he is honestly quite a well-behaved albeit hyper boy :)

Aidan having his individual shot taken..
Check out his left hand..he's actually doing the peace sign!

Took so many pics of the li' one in school today..all pics here

Most mornings, I'll hitch a ride from a colleague to work. Once in a while, we'll discuss about work but majority of the time, the topic of our conversation would be about our kids. He has 2 boys, one who's the same age as Aidan and the other boy would be entering Primary School next year.

Anyway, yesterday morning, Joe & Pertina were discussing abt kids having sex at a tender age on the morning show..I think that was brought about by TNP's article about the A' level student with HIV..Joe made this statement which was like would you feel if your kids were (behaved and had the same mentality) like you when they become teenagers..Honest, first thing that came to my mind...GAWD NO!!!!! I was a terrible teen..I pitied my parents and sib who had to make numerous trips to the principal's office. Hmm, not sure whether i'd wrote about my experience of being hauled into a police station when i was 15. Think I'll leave that for another blog entry :P

Anyway, back to our car conversation. We were both thinking exactly the same thing.. that thankfully we have boys. I know it sounds so selfish to think this way..and then Joe admitted on-air that he was very worried because he has 3 daughters. So we started talking about how we should go about educating our kids about sex education...should we be strict and tell them not to have sex? I mean, yeah right. You think our kids will listen to us just coz we said so, esp at that age, when they are the most curious and horny? Or should we be liberal and tell them that if they really must do anything, be safe and not stupid & sorry by wearing a condom. But isn't that encouraging them to have sex then. What a conundrum...

In the end, my colleague simply said, "I know.. I'll just teach them to ask the girls for blowjobs instead!" *face palm*
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