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Felt kinda weird coz I didn't take any pics of Aidan during the day.I think I'm addicted to 'taking pics of Aidan. Will probably will be cured only when Aidan becomes much older I guess .

Today, we left Aidan in hubby's parents place after lunching with them so that both me n hubby could go catch a movie. Went to watch Daredevil..well,we both thought that it was a 'below-par' action/superhero movie ..I guess what distracted us most was that Ben Affleck just didn't cut it as a superhero..and boy! He looked so chunky in that ugly maroon costume. I read that he'd actually worked out so as to look the part but certainly didn't seemed so. The villian, in this case, Colin Farrell as Bullseye was the usual OTT type and his best part in the movie was actually after the credits rolled. For those who caught that part, u will know what I mean. Kingpin was a bore ..bleah! But wow..Jennifer Garner sure looked damn good as Elektra. I love her hair! Wah..longish with those sexy curls..So tempted to perm my ultra straight hair like hers! But am afraid I'll end up looking like an aunty instead..

Should go catch some zzs now..

Just couldn't resist taking a pic of him sleeping in his cot..well, at least I got a pic of him today!!
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