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gawd..has it been 7 years?!

It's our 7 year wedding anniversary today! I actually forgotten about it till I read Jean's post abt her upcoming anniversary that I remembered that ours is in Oct too :P.

So hub will be bringing me 'somewhere nice' for dinner later..Parents-in-law came by earlier to whisk the li' one away so that he wouldn't be a lightbulb (their words, not mine). I think they are seriously hoping that we'll end up making babies tonight..Unfortunately, my body *coff* had other plans~

It's been a good 7 years so far..Having Aidan certainly brought our r/ship to a different level. I think I've grown alot in this marriage..being a mom has taught me to be more responsible and less self-centred..and I'm constantly reminding myself not to take my other half for granted too. He's been such a great & thoughtful husband and a wonderful and doting father..I couldn't ask for anything more. I do hope that the rest of the journey will be just as smooth-going.

*******************'s getting harder and harder to take a family pic..The boy simply refuses to co-operate! In the above pic, he was actually trying to grab the camera which is why he was looking straight at the camera :P
Our other attempts~

Heh..i gotta admit, I love it whenever people comment that Aidan looks like me. Its something stupid to be proud of since he's my kid and of course he should look somewhat like his mommy but since young, most have said he is the exact replica of his daddy. Anyway, you guys can continue to 'bluff' me =)

I need about 3 quarts of an hour to get ready most of the time. I actually spend most of that time deciding what to wear that day. Yeah, i know..I should have picked out what to wear the night before to make life easier but that's always the last thing on my mind before I zzz..

Anyway, yesterday was a 'bad' wardrobe day because nothing I tried on looked right..I looked fat and bloated in everything (okay lah, I admit..I've put on weight!) So my bed ended up piled with tons of clothes. Aidan came sauntering into my bedroom, glanced at the bed, gave an audible sigh and said "Mommy, you are really very messy!". I stared at him in disbelief.."So messy! Tsk!" the boy added as he huffed out of the room..

Gah!! Can't believe my son actually reprimanded me!

Pics taken at my dad-in-law's birthday dinner yesterday & Tyler's bday lunch today..

Met ikepodSam, who's been MIA from LJ for a while.. at the restaurant!
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