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the day before~

Thankfully I was there to check the stage set-up yesterday. Usually I'll go only the night before the actual day...My boss would have clobbered me if I'd discovered this typo too late!

The stage..I love the concept this year..check out the runway road tracks!

Anyway, the event is all set for tomorrow.. Everything seems to be in order. Hope there won't be any screwup *cross fingers*. The girls are pretty hyped up but I can see that the stress of the competition is getting to them. But they seemed to be holding up well. Most people think that such pageants are easy but really, the amt of work put in to do such a show can be quite daunting. The girls have to sacrifice a lot of their time just to attend rehearsals and fittings..and most of them are still in school and are having exams around this time. There's another catwalk rehearsal tonight & they will probably be practising till midnight..And they gotta be back at Taka Square at 7am tomorrow and will be there till the event at 7pm!

It's harder to guess who will win this year. The standard of the girls is better this year unlike last year, where it was quite uneven. I'll be honest. I am hoping for a non-Eurasian winner. The contest had been criticised before for favouring Pan-Asians..Hope that it won't be the case this year. But the decision will of course lie in the hands of the judges.

Can't wait to see how they perform!!

The girls during their fittings/catwalk rehearsals at Taka Square yesterday night.
They aren't wearing heels because of the plastic sheet on the runway..

Mamasun with the girls~

Several new videos of the girls have been uploaded in the Asiaone NewFace vodcast site..Check it out here.
As usual,my own pics here . Let me know your faves!</center>

I can't wait for this to be over so that I can have a nice long zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz~

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