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Aidan's wearing the tee-shirt which mom bought for him in Brisbane..The wordings are (in case it's unclear).."I love my mom & dad but nanna & pop are best!"..Yeah, that's gonna please both grandparents alot Aidan's not in a very smiley mood today as u can see~

Sis evonnetay was commenting that Aidan is a pampered kid, especially with such doting parents and grandparents. Well, I don't see myself as pampering him now coz he's still a baby so basically, there's nothing much to do now cept for caring & loving him. I can't possibly scold him when he pees on me coz he probably doesn't know that he shouldn't do that. And well, I do enjoy dressing up li' Aidan and showing him off. Which parent doesn't eh?! And all those photo-takings heh! Well, I guess it's the typical first child syndrome. The first kid is definitely gonna have truckloads of pics taken (I was the second child so I'm probably making up for what I've missed out as a baby ).

Now it's the easy phase coz all he does mainly is cry, poop, pee, n sleep..there will be a time when we both gotta start being 'parents and discipline him when necessary. You know, hubby's parents have never laid a hand on him before when he was a kid whereas my parents were total opposites. I think us children were caned till we were sorta immune to it. Well, different families have different methods of disciplining their children and after what I've been through, I'll say 'spare the rod' but 'not spoil the child'..I'm sure it can be done !

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