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Aren't these the scariest looking 3 little pigs you'd ever seen?
Check out those claws/talons! But i think the flying li' piggy is kinda cute though=)
hmm, i do hope he wasn't thinking of papa, mama and baby pig when he was drawing this...

the cupcakes Bi gave us at Lianne's party!

Had a superb weekend, spent with family & close pals! Only grouse I have is that my nose is still running, even though I've taken all the meds prescribed by the doctor! Will be going for my health screening next week and to be honest, I always get kinda paranoid just before it. Well, nothing much I can do but to hope for the best~

Bi, I know you read my blog so here's some of the pics from Lianne's bday party on Sat and our morning hike at Botanic Garden on Sunday!

Happy Birthday li' one!

okay, in case you'll wondering why Aidan was raising his hands half the time, it's because he's Superman..
oh yah, he told me he wanted a Superman cake for his birthday.
Actually, it's superman one day, and spiderman the next *sigh*

the 2 most impt guys in my life =)

erm..some phallic looking plant~
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