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Excuse me, r u a baby model hee~

Babies/Child photographers must be damn patient & quick man! I really wonder how they can manage to take such wonderful pictures of babies..I mean..How in the world does Anne Geddes do it, making those babies pose in all kinds of funny yoga positions, wearing weird outfits and all.

Aidan seems to like posing for the camera, I must say..though he will always have the dazed look if I use the flash on him. Most of time, he will either look at me in that sardonic manner (that's why most of the time, the pics is of him with that buaysong face) or with amusement (this look is however pretty transient so it's kinda tough to capture on camera!).

I guess it's obvious what my post will be leading to eh..MORE PICS OF AIDAN TAKEN THIS MORNING AFTER HIS MILKTIME!! (arghh..not gonna LJ cut..those w/out broadband..sorry hor!) ..oh yeah, uniclycommon..don't need to wait till night for his daily pics liao eh . !

Yeah..his usual TL face..

His pensive look...and a little smile :)

His favourite snack..his fingers! ..I guess he had enough of posing for the day!

*sigh*..his right eye double eyelids disappeared!! Yeah, I'm so superficial eh!
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