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If you have nothing planned for today, do head down to Expo for the Penguin Warehouse Sale! It's at Hall 6B. You definitely won't be disappointed! There are new books, some of which I would have bought even if they were at their usual price. Most of the books were going for $5 and hardcovers at $8..Tons of children books too which make great X'mas pressies!

I didn't even know of the sale beforehand. mengchooMong and I were at the Expo with our kiddos for the Bob the Builder Show yesterday. Our initial plan was to check out the Asian Children Festival after the musicall but when we realised that there was a book fair on, we decided to head straight there instead. By coincidence, alisonraeJean was there too with Aly and Kenneth. Gotta give it to her man.She's going to have a baby on Monday and still has the energy to run around so much..

Mong & I finally left the exhibition after spending about 1 1/2 hours there..and we each had several huge plastic bags filled with books. She'd parked the car just outside Hall 3 which would be still fine if we weren't wearing our high heels (vain lah!) and accompanied by 2 hyper kids..I'm aching now from all that walking!

We had our lunch at NYDC@HV before the long drive to Expo..

Happy kids =)

the show was so-so ..Aidan enjoyed it though..

The boy got hold of a Superman book and refused to let go of it..

Heh...isn't this cute! Think I'll get him this cake for his birthday since he's so into superheroes! But I can't help thinking how gross it will be when the cake's all cut up and some of you guys having to eat parts of poor spidy here on his birthday party:P

Someone asked me why I spend so much on such items for Aidan..I guess my answer is simply because I enjoy doing it. I do have some memories of my childhood of which is a Cinderella cake that my elder sister had. It looked something like this..

I remember thinking that it was one of the prettiest cake I've ever seen and wishing I had a cake like that (can't seem to remember whether my wish was fulfilled).Last year, Aidan had 2 big cakes..a rocket cake at his birthday party and a train-cake for his school. He still talks about those cakes esp since he knows his birthday is coming.

Heh, I admit, I enjoy buying such cakes because the child in me loves these fanciful cakes too. Plus they are yummy! Aidan hardly requests for toys and stuff..he's not a demanding child that way and a simple strawberry cake would elicit as much enthusiasm from him.. But I know Aidan would be delighted to have such a spiderman cake like this for his birthday, so why not get him one then. Hopefully, it would create one of the many kodak moments he would have when he grows up =)

check out his cool tattoo~


Aidan's school had the graduation concert last Monday. I had an event that day was I was unable to attend. Told hubby to take half day leave so at least one of his parent would be there! It wasn't a 'grand' affair compared to his former school where they had special costumes and staging.

Got Nenita to help videotape his performance so I wouldn't have to 'miss' it.! Had a good chuckle watching it when I got home! Hubby had smsed me after the performance saying that Aidan was really active and happy on stage..and there was definitely no doubt about that. You could tell from the videos that Aidan really loves attention. He isn't shy at all and certainly enjoys dancing and singing!

see if you can find aidan..and watch what he did..

erm..dry run of performance..

Finally..the performance by the Nursery class of Kinderland where the kids have to perform a rhyme of 'The Magic Feet'
Compare his group to the other grp on the right..
Those in his group were much more hyper and erm, a bit unorganised..and unfortunately, the main culprit was Aidan :P

If you couldn't hear the rhyme clearly, here is Aidan's loud version of The Magic Feet!
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