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*sigh* I'm just not meant to sleep early....

This is not the first time it happened. Whenever I decide to call it an early night and go to bed early (abt 9/10pm), I'll be woken up in the early morning (usually by the sound of someone snoring *sob*), most of the time about 3 to 4am and just can't get back to sleep immediately! And by the time I finally do, it will be almost 6am and when the alarm starts ringing at 7am, I'll be so damn shack. It's sooooooo exasperating!! I guess my system is simply not used to me sleeping early. I should just stay my insomniac self and sleep at 1++ am everyday.

squarenailsPei Fen took this pic of me when we went to beo alisonraeJean's newborne, Baby Zoe yesterday..Man, I look so maternal. Just can't help remembering those times when Aidan was that small. Was good catching up with the new mommys and the extremely clucky soon-to-be married chabor..I like their company loads =)
The star of the day...Zoe Fynn Wee!

She's so adorable..so much hair!

And kept sticking out her tongue at us..:P

I love the smell of new borne babies!

heh, check out Pei Fen's "Look..I know how to carry baby liao!" expression.
And Joan looks soooo radiant! Her skin was so fair and smooth!
When Aidan was one month old, I had stringy hair and pimply skin *bleah*

The nurse came in & took li' Zoe out for an injection so Pei Fen & I pounced on baby Clare :P

Jean refused to let us take pics of her but she's doing fine and looking good! Doc said she should be going home tomorrow!
from wanida

i know such ads are just so manipulative but I just can't help going awww...

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Nov. 22nd, 2006 11:40 am (UTC)
hm..nah. i guess it is really because im very happy the way my life is now. i prob just wanna stick in my comfort zone and not change things..i know it's kinda selfish of me...