Angelia (angeliatay) wrote,

a little bit of sun,sand and the sea..

Weekend was hectic with trips to Ikea,Night Safari and friends over at my place.. but I'm shan't blog about it..

mengchooMong,bbhomeJune and I brought our kiddos to Sentosa's Palawan beach to enjoy the sun and the sand today. We weren't sure initially whether our plans had to be scrapped because the weather report had indicated that there will be thunderstorms but the clear blue skies that greeted us in the morning made up our minds for us..

We were darn fortunate.. At about 2pm, I felt that the kids had enough of play at the beach and was thinking of bringing them to the luge instead. So we cleaned the kids up and headed to the carpark to drop off our barang barang and lo and behold, the first big drop of rain fell the minute we stepped into the carpark..! Great timing we had!

Aidan is having his school hols now so I will be taking more leave days to spend time with him or else he'll be cooped up in the house driving Nenita nuts.

Heh..We both held our breathe for the longest time while
June did her best to take a decent pic of us in our bikini tops :D~
still got blubber...!

Did my health screening recently. My body fat percentage is 29.8%. I'm not considered 'obese' (applies to those whose body fat is 32% and above) but it is definitely on the high side and veering towards 'unhealthy'. The nurse who was doing the tests shook her head and said "Eh, I didn't expect your fat percentage to be that high from the way you look..!". I'm not really surprised though..haven't really been exercising and watching my diet. Darn..why can't our fats be nicely distributed in our bodies. In an ideal world, any excess fats should just go straight to our boobs! In my case, it heads directly to my tummy and ass! I have a pear shape body. I wear size S tops and size L bottoms. That's the reason why I don't wear dresses much...tough to find one that fits well without having to do any alteration.

Hub has been asking me to accompany him in his jogging sessions and I'd promised him that I would.. Have been procrastinating by telling him I didn't have the right shoes. Last weekend, he brought me down to Queensway and I finally bought a pair of running shoes so I have no choice but to start on my exercise regime soon :D~
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